Grand Valley State Bucket List // CEO in Progress

Grand Valley Bucket List

I can’t believe it’s already move-in day! Seeing all the posts from my alma mater about people moving in makes me remember my first day in the dorms at Grand Valley. I swear I will never forget the shear terror, excitement, anxiety and freedom I felt once my parents had me all unpacked and left me in my little 8’x8′ […]

Weekly Meal Plan for the Broke, Busy, Healthy College Student // CEO in Progress

Weekly Meal Plan for the Healthy, Broke, Busy College Student

I’m honestly surprised that I survived my college years. Not because of heavy drinking or poor decisions, but because of my eating habits. Now being an “adult” I’ve gotten 100 times better about what I put in my body, but back then it was a free-for-all. Everything I ate was processed, pop-tarts were a staple, and dinner would maybe happen […]

Helpful Sites for College Students // CEO in Progress

Helpful Tools for College Students

I had a pretty awesome post last week about organizing your calendar, but I wanted to expand that just a bit to include some other extremely helpful places that you need to bookmark now in order to save yourself some time/headache/frustration later on in the semester. Some of these were just complete lifesavers that helped me get through exams, helped me […]

Favorite Back to School Outfits // CEO in Progress

Favorite Back to School Outfits

Okay I think I had way too much fun creating this post. I’m trying to be on a budget because October is kind of a big month, but I have always loved back to school shopping. Picking out new favorite jeans, creating a whole new style, I would plan what I wanted for far too long as a kid. Technically I’m not […]

Motivation for your Mondays

Monday Motivation: Simone Biles

Happy Monday Everyone! This weekend I swear I spent like 40 hours watching the Olympics. I’ve been in love with all the great stories and historic events that have happened over the course of these few short weeks. Because of this slight obsession I had to include it in my Monday Motivation quotes, obviously! Simone Biles is amazing. I love […]

A Few of My Favorite Things: Olympic Edition // CEO In Progress

A Few of My Favorite Things – Olympic Edition

With our Apple TV I’ve been watching the olympics all the time. The NBC sports app allows you to watch replays of each competition, so we’ve been catching all our favorite tennis matches as well as checking out new sports. Did you know how crazy olympic kayaking is?! I had to spend a whole post just on my favorite things […]

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life //CEO in Progress

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life

School is right around the corner, and for me, that always means it’s time for planners and a whole new organizational model. I think this is such a critical decision to your success throughout the school year, it’s a tool you’ll have with you through everything. With 6 classes, work, a social calendar, long distance relationships, and a club tennis team, […]

Favorite {Dorm Decor} Collections // CEO In Progress

Favorite Dorm Decor Collections

I wish I was going back to school just so I could go back to school shopping. The cute dorm decorations, new fun comforters, crazy storage in order to get everything to fit,*sigh* I wish I could still hit up my favorite stores and redesign a whole new space. Although we are constantly redoing something in our home (the pub was our […]

Motivation for your Mondays

Motivational Monday: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Happy Monday Everyone!  This week is going to be one filled with progress and productivity! Sunday was a little lazy for me, so I really need to step it up this week. One thing that’s a big one on my to-do list: Gardening. Yikes. Definitely not a green thumb kind of person, but I need to take control over our […]

A Few of My Favorite Things: Olympic Edition // CEO In Progress

A Few of My Favorite Things: Fowling & Cauliflower Pizza

This week has been an interesting one. I swear Monday – Friday dragged on, and the weekend flew by in the blink of an eye. This weekend was definitely a fun one. We played board games at River’s Edge brewery Friday night, the I went Fowling for a bachelorette party! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a new sport that’s kind […]