My Secret Guide to Healthy, Yummy & in a Hurry // CEO in Progress

My Secret Guide to Healthy, Yummy, & in a Hurry

Don’t you just love it when those random Amazon purchases end up changing your life? Before the beginning of the year I wanted to set a new mentality for 2017, add a lot of healthy alternatives to my diet and still cut down on cooking time. I love to cook and bake, but it’s not feasible to spend an hour plus in […]

How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life // CEO in Progress

How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life

The beginning of the year is filled with so much promise and hope, but quickly that can turn in to confusion, uncertainty, and difficulty. Deciding to do something new or different is a exciting time, but if you’re going head strong into a whole new project it can also be pretty defeating. One minute you’re thinking you can do it, and […]

8 Books to Read for all Entrepreneurs who need Inspiration & Action // CEO in Progress

8 Books to Read for all Entrepreneurs Who Need Inspiration & Action

My goal for the year is to read 52 books, crazy! I’m committed myself on Goodreads to the challenge, but I’ve started to make lists of books I want to read in order to fill this goal. If you have any great suggestions, let me know in the comments below! In the morning I read something either business or self-improvement related. […]

From Ideas to Undertaking - 4 Steps to Get Your Ideas In Motion // CEO in Progress

From Inspiration to Undertaking: 4 Steps to Get Your Ideas in Motion

The beginning of the year is a time of motivation, inspiration, and hope for all of what the next 365 days can hold. It’s the time of the year when people commit themselves to change and to new ideas and opportunities. Wether it’s starting a blog, creating a side hustle, or so many other exciting possibilities, there’s a moment of inspiration that needs […]

Set Goals That STICK // CEO in Progress

How to Set Goals that Will STICK

I’m a big believer in setting goals for yourself at the beginning of the year, not just lofty ones, but solid ones with a plan. New Years is a great time for reflection of all the positives of last year and all the hopes for the upcoming. However, we all know how flighty our resolutions can be. One minute we’re […]

The Best Blog Posts of 2016 // CEO in Progress

The Best Posts of 2016

This year is wrapping up fast, and looking back on all of the changes of the year, it was definitely a good one that won’t be topped any time soon. There’s been so much that we’ve gone through this year, a wedding, a new job, adventures, and more. Over the course of the year, I’ve written about happiness, hard work, […]

Bad Habits to Break for the New Year // CEO in Progress

Bad Habits to Break for the New Year

Although I’m crazy excited for Christmas, I’m going to jump ahead a little bit and talk about next year. It’s basically tradition to make resolutions to start new, better habits for the next year, but sometimes it’s more important to make lists of things to stop doing. Bad habits can be the downfall of our success, hold us back, and led us […]

Job Searching Secrets You Need to Know // CEO in Progress

Job Searching Secrets You Need to Know

It can be really tough when job searching, even emotionally. Trying to sell your skills and find the right opportunity can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a summer internship or a job after spring graduation, I would honestly start looking soon. Interview processes can be lengthy, and employers sometimes hold […]

DIY Holiday Decor Ideas // CEO in Progress

DIY Holiday Decor Ideas

After pulling out all of our holiday decor from storage, I realized how much my home has changed over the course of a year. With our basement remodeled, I have whole areas of the house that I didn’t have anything to decorate the holidays with. Although I love Target’s Holiday decor selection, it can get pretty pricy pretty quick to […]

Cutest Ugly Sweaters for the Holidays // CEO in Progress

Cute Ugly Sweaters for the Holidays

Ugly Sweater parties are my favorite theme parties by far. First of all they are the coziest usually, but people get so creative every year. I’m always in shock by what people can find and also how someone, somewhere actually made that. I love now too that there’s actually a market for it and websites that specialize in ugly sweaters. […]