Holiday Party Outfit Ideas // CEO in Progress

Holiday Party Outfits

It just dawned on me that I probably need to get some ideas for what I’m wearing for all of the events happening so soon. With Christmas parties, family gatherings, and New Years Eve right around the corner there’s a lot of ideas and options flying through my mind. Of course, it depends on your style, but I’m always tend to stick […]

Tips To Staring A New Job // CEO in Progress

Things To Do When Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be extremely overwhelming and scary, no matter how prepared you are. Coming in to a new environment that you’re unsure of is difficult for everyone. It’s important to remember that you were picked because you would fit in and are capable of completing the job. So if you’re in the position of a new job, […]

Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Hobbies

Hobbies can be crucial in your life. They can shape who you are, provide you opportunities, and let you explore passions. When I saw this quote the other day, it really put all of that in perspective, especially what they can offer you. If you put your hobbies in these kind of categories, you really get a better idea of how […]

Google Calendar Tips & Tricks // CEO in Progress

Google Calendar Tips & Tricks

Every year I buy a beautiful new calendar in hopes of using it as a system to stay organized. I try to write as neat as I can, keep up with it weekly, and take it with me everywhere I go. Yet somehow, usually around February, it ends up getting lost somewhere and I go through a period of wandering […]

Tips for Finals to Get You Through the Week // CEO in Progress

Tips for Finals: Getting Through the Week

One of the things I definitely don’t miss about college is finals week. It seems like it took me four years to get it down, just in enough time to graduate. The first year I underestimated it, my second year I was unbalanced, my junior year I didn’t sleep, and my senior year things finally started to click. There’s so much […]

Holiday Gift Guide // CEO in Progress

Holiday Gift Guides: Ideas for Tricky People on your List

I’m honestly impressed with how many gifts I’ve already been able to cross off my list already. I tried to get organized and prepped early and it’s paid off since I’ll be so less stressed out once it gets closer to Christmas. If you haven’t gotten that far yet, there’s still lots of time! I’ve put together a list of […]

December Bucket List // CEO in Progress

December Bucket List

Woohoo! It’s finally December! Although I love fall, I’m excited for the blankets of snow, Christmas lights, and big cups of hot cocoa. There’s so many exciting things to do and it’s honestly hard to fit it all in for one month. Here’s some of my favorite holiday things to do this month that I’m looking forward to!   Have […]

Lessons From My First Job // CEO in Progress

Lessons From My First Job

There’s so much change happening right now and I’m excited but nervous at the same time. Starting anything new can be a little scary, but new opportunities are work the risk. I’ve learned so much over the course of my short time at my current job, and I wanted to take a moment to look back on some of my […]

Great Holiday Reads // CEO in Progress

Great Holiday Reads

The holidays is the perfect time to come back to old favorite books or set aside the time to cross one off a new best seller from your must-read list. Although we finally get a break from the crazy schedules in December, it honestly just keeps going considering all of the planning, parties, and prepping that needs to be done, […]

Cyber Monday Deals // CEO in Progress

Cyber Monday Deals

I’m so thankful for long weekends like this one. Finally getting a chance to get caught up on so many things and also getting an opportunity to relax is such a relief. Life can seriously hit you at 100 miles an hour sometimes, it’s good to get a small break every now and then. It’s even better when that weekend […]