October Bucket List // CEO in Progress

October Bucket List

Woohoo! My favorite month of the year has just arrived. Bring on the apple cider, cozy sweaters, and fall leaves, please! This month is absolutely insane because we’re getting married – AGH! It’s a wonderful, crazy, beautiful time filled with more to do lists than I can count and very little focus to do most of them. Just a heads up, […]

{Monday Motivation} Reflection // CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: {Reflection}

This weekend my great friend Maddie and I took a trip down memory lane and I-96 all the way to Allendale to help support the women of our sorority chapter as they go through recruitment. It’s amazing what a year and a half will do to a place. There was so many new things that I did not even recognize […]

A Few Of My Favorite Things // CEO in Progress

A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m so thankful for this weekend, it was packed with some of my favorite things: shopping, Grand Rapids, and some much needed down time. Things are getting so hectic so fast, it’s nice to get stuff done while also taking a moment to enjoy life. Michigan’s Must Visit Cider Mills Whose excited for some apple picking and donuts?! Seriously any chance I […]

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish {Review} // CEO in Progress

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Nail Polish Review

The other weekend I was planning on finally going and getting my nails done. I’m seriously such a cheapskate when it comes to certain things, and I always hating wasting money on getting nails when I can paint them myself. Not well, but that’s besides the point. Plus my nails chip extremely easily, so it sometimes isn’t even worth it […]

Fall {apple} recipes // CEO in Progress

Apple Recipes You Need to Try This Fall

Fall is my favorite season if you hadn’t noticed. The weather, the clothes, the food, the leaves, you seriously just can’t go wrong. Every year we do a fall baking day with our friends and head out to the orchards. We pick our own apples then spend the rest of the day trying out new recipes and watching college football. […]

Monday Motivation: Something you've never done // CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Something You’ve Never Done

Happy Monday Everyone! Things are seriously picking up in my life. With real estate, work, wedding, and blogging, I’m trying to keep up with all of these different aspects, but at the same time progress and grow. It’s easy to keep spinning the little hamster wheel, but it’s a lot more difficult to make strides. If you want something you’ve […]

Small Win Sunday // CEO in Progress

Small Win Sunday: The First Step

Sunday is my favorite day of the week to be productive and work on big projects. Saturdays can be so busy with birthday parties, weddings, events, so Sunday is perfect for devoting time to big goals, from continual hustle to the first step.   This Sunday it’s all about the that first, crucial step. It’s usually the hardest and always […]

{fall} ankle booties // CEO in Progress

Fall Ankle Booties

It was on my bucket list to find some great new boots for fall this month. I haven’t had the best luck in completing that one. There were so many deals for labor day, but I just couldn’t decide. It might’ve been just too many options honestly! I’m so particular sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to find the right heel height, […]

Lessons about an office from a sorority house

Recruitment Time: Sorority Post Recap

I can’t believe it’s recruitment season again! It seems like just yesterday I was going through recruitment. I swear I can still feel the butterflies, nerves, and the feeling I felt when I found my home. My instagram has been filled with different chapters and organizations spreading their excitement for new members and all of the buzz that recruitment brings. I […]

{funk} how to get out of it // CEO in Progress

Funk: How to Get Out of It

I swear, the last couple of days I’ve been in such a funk. It’s not with everything in my life, just my goals and ambitions. It’s like the day-to-day is taking every bit of energy and I don’t have anything left for thinking about where I want to go instead of just the step in front of me. Meh. I […]