5 Morning Essentials for a Great Day

5 morning essentials

I drive an hour to work every day, so getting up early and on the right side of the bed are essential to having a good day. I have started to figure out what works best for me to get ready for work, and there are five aspects of my daily routine that have stuck out to me so far.

Drink a glass of water (Yes – even before coffee). While getting ready every morning I try and drink a whole glass of water; it helps me feel full and awake. Plus, I have a goal of drinking half of my body weight in ounces of water everyday, so starting out with a full glass helps me stick to it. On top of that, it helps with headaches and makes my skin look healthier – win.win.win.

Morning Yoga. This one can seem a little bit more difficult and more time consuming, but it’s worth getting up an extra ten minutes to have time to stretch before sitting at a desk all day. I do a super simple sequence of 6 moves, holding them each for ten breaths:

Child’s Pose

Cat-Cow Pose

Downward-Facing Dog

Standing Forward Bend

Warrior 1

Warrior 3

Here’s the link to the Pop Sugar Five-Minute Yoga Sequence if you need instructions!

Make A List. While brushing my teeth or waiting for coffee, I always make a list of what I want to accomplish for the day. This helps me stay motivated and reminds me when I  get home from work. I usually use the app Wunderlist to make lists on my phone and I highly recommend it! You can make multiple lists, write notes per each item, set due dates and reminders, create lists with other people, and as an added bonus, the sound of checking off the to-do items is very satisfying!


Check the Weather and your calendar. Sounds like a no brainer – but when you forget, it can be a disaster! If an umbrella or a change of outfit for after work is needed, you don’t want to be left out in the rain (pun intended).

Listen to Audiobooks. Instead of listening to the same twenty songs that are on the radio day-in and day-out, I throw in an audiobook for the week and can work on  my goal of 50 books read for the year. My personal favorites are the Harry Potter books, the narrator is wonderful, and I’ve read them a million times, so I don’t get too distracted on the road. Also management or motivational books are great options, The 4 Hour Work Week is next on my agenda.

Here a few of my favorite morning essentials, hopefully they are helpful to you! What’s critical for you to have a good day? Comment below and let me know!


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