5 Tips For Working From Home // CEO in Progress

5 Tips for Working From Home

It’s a gift and a curse to work from home. We are lucky enough to work from home for my job one day a week, and at first, it was tough. It seemed like such a fun easy thing. Of course I could do my work from my couch in my PJ’s watching The Office. But in reality, it was somuch harder than that.

There are a lot of distractions you’re not used to when you’re trying to work, and it was hard to get the motivation to ignore them and focus. I found myself at first in the middle of a project then getting up to do the dishes or switch the laundry, completely losing my momentum.

It took some practice, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can be just as if not more productive at home than at work. There’s definitely some musts that I do every day to make it a little easier.

5 Tips for Working From Home // CEO in Progress

Get a good to-do list

If you’re struggling to stay focused, be sure to have that to-do list ready to bring you back in. Personally, I like to be very detailed with my lists, that way if I  get off track I have a simple task that can pull me back in and not be overwhelming.

Take a break

It’s happened a few times where I’m so focused on what I’m doing I forget to take a break. I try to set a timer on my phone every hour to take a 5 minute break. Get up, stretch, get some water, do a little chore, something to keep me from staring at the computer 8 hours straight.

Don’t let the couch call to you

As much as I loooove our couch and the idea of working and being comfy is great (currently happening), it’s incredibly hard to stay focused. It’s too easy to feel like it’s the weekend instead of work. Get a nice desk or find somewhere to sit that will help you stay on track. I usually set up shop at our dining room table so there’s lots of room and sunshine.

Don’t turn on the TV

Every time I work from home I try this, and every time I shut it off in 10 minutes. It’s so distracting! Even episodes of The Office I’ve seen 100 times will grab my attention from what it should be on. Throw on some simple tunes for background noise, but don’t you dare go for the remote!

Get out of your PJ’s

This is probably the best tip I can have for you. Get outta your onesie PJ and put on some real clothes. It seems silly, but it puts me in a whole new state. It makes me feel like I’m going to do something, not just sit around all day. I usually still end up in leggings, a t-shirt, and a comfy, long cardigan, but the fact that I’m in something different than I slept in is all that matters.

Working from home is great, but there’s still a ton of challenges and distractions that you still have to work through. Whether it’s one day a week or consistently. These couple tips will help keep you on track and making progress.


Let me know what you think!