5 Ways TripAdvisor Can Save Your Vacation

I’m planning our trip to Nashville and Tennessee, and I’ve seriously fallen head over heels for TripAdvisor in the process. I honestly think the best way to learn about a new destination is to reach out to your network and see what they know, most of the time you can get some great ideas for unique places and things that people would know that you enjoy, not just the most popular attractions.

TripAdvisor though… I seriously did not know all of the great services it offers until I started to do some digging, I swear they don’t advertise this stuff enough! There are amazing features that make planning SO EASY, it’s a great way to stay organized and be efficient with your vacation and planning time – here are some of the favorite things I’ve found out!

Make sure to set up an account through trip advisor, which you can connect to Facebook, in order to enjoy all of the benefits of this extremely useful site!

5 ways TripAdvisor can save your vacation

Saved Maps. 

My problem usually with trying to plan trips is that I never pick activities that are near each other. I’m always going from one side of the city to the other in my itinerary, and you waste so much travel time that way! However, when you like an activity/restaurant/hotel on trip advisor with their heart icon, it saves it and puts the location on a map for you. Then you can go to your account and click save trips, and see an interactive map of your destination with all the things you found interesting. This way, you can plan your days out by location and hit up the things that are close to each other at the same time. This is a game changer when trying to plan your days and can save you big time trying to map it all out yourself!

Travel Map. 

Ever been talking to a friend and they tell you about a crazy new place their friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s mom went to? Then the next day you can’t remember at all where it was? TripAdvisor has an answer for that! They have a world map where you can keep track of all the places you want to go to, have been to and are your favorites. That when you’re trying to plan out your next adventure,  you can look back and find all of the options you’ve heard about in the last 12 months instead of the first thing that comes to your mind! A great way for scatterbrained people (not me…) to keep everything on hand easily.


There are so many great trips that are already planned out for you depending on your city and length of time. For example, check out this one I found for Nashville for 3 days, which lists off a great three day plan filled with unique restaurants, museums, night life, and shopping, along with great tips for your stay. This is super helpful if you’re in a time crunch to plan or have a last minute trip.

Travel Forums.

If you want some first hand experience and help, hit the travel forums and talk to other users! They can help answer specific questions or give you a wide range of options when you’re looking for a great barbecue place in Louisville. This is a perfect place to go when you really need an unbiased, specific answer to a travel question!


K I couldn’t decide on just one for the last point, so I picked two! That’s the power that you have when you’re writing your own blog. They have so many great apps available that make searching a new city or planning your vacation a breeze, check them out here and see if there’s any that would work for you!

Also, you can book hotels/activities/reservations right through trip advisor – which can be a thousand times easier than trying to use some random website or call a number that’s only available from 8:10-8:30 on days that have the letter “r” in them… (don’t know if that’s a thing but it’d be super annoying if it was).

TripAdvisor is such a helpful website that’s constantly expanding, I used it a lot on our trip to Mackinac Island as well as Savannah and Columbus, I definitely recommend it if you need help planning your next vacay!

What’s your favorite way to plan a vacation? Let me know your ways!


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