Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable That Actually WORK // CEO in Progress

3 Ways to Build Accountability to Help You Reach Your Goals

Remember those 2018 goals you just set? Hopefully you haven’t lost that sheet of paper with them written down and that instagram that was so inspirational is still hitting you hard. The problem is, achieving goals isn’t about motivation, or inspiration, it’s about intention & accountability.

I can be as hopeful and post as many inspiring quotes as I want, but without a game plan and a way of holding myself accountable to that game plan, I’d be better off looking at videos of puppies all day (though not a bad way to spend your day).

I wanted to focus a little on accountability today, because there’s so many different ways to keep yourself in check. You can easily post your intentions on Facebook, but how successful is that? Is anyone really holding yourself accountable besides your own shame if you don’t follow through? Not all accountability strategies are created equal, my friend. Here’s three that I think would be helpful for you moving in to the new year.

Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable That Actually WORK // CEO in Progress



Need to really step things up? For all my procrastinators and lazy folks out there (I’m not judging), a good way to keep yourself in line is to put some money on the line. Sites like Stickk and Beeminder help you set a contract with yourself, set the stakes, and set yourself accountable.

Using the theory of loss aversion, these sites let you set your goal, decide how much money is on the line, and who gets it if you fail. You can have the money go to a friend, a charity, or something you hate to really motivate you. If you and a friend both have goals, you could set it up as a challenge, and if you fail you have to hand over the cash. All of these put some loss on the line and make you dig down deep to achieve that goal.

Email Plan

I heard this on a podcast the other day (love me some Goal Digger podcast) and I thought it would be really easy and helpful to hold yourself accountable daily. Every morning, you send an accountability partner the list of things you need to accomplish & how Рcan be organized by your goals Рin order to move the needle. Then, at the end of the day, you need to reply to them with a status update. Fill them in on what you accomplished and where you struggled and why.

Pick someone that will call you on your BS and make sure that you don’t excuse your way out of success. It will make it so much harder to end the day unless you’ve done what you said you’d do, because if you don’t you have to fess up.

I love the fact that this is daily too. It’s easy to set large yearly or quarterly goals, but those don’t get accomplished without constant daily action.¬†Holding yourself accountable daily to these goals that so often get forgotten about will make them 10x more likely to happen (proven fact…jk not really, but I would believe it).

Mastermind/Girl Gangs

Similar to the Email Plan, having someone hold yourself accountable is great, but a whole gang is even better. Join or create your own mastermind group, where you can spend time giving each other tough love and helping everyone succeed.

Find determined ladies just like you and set up a monthly catch up over coffee. Set up action plans to do for the month, then meet back up and make sure that everyone held to their plan. Work through the struggles and call the bluff on those excuses.

At the end of the day, you need to hold yourself accountable in some way shape and form. You are the one who can set yourself up for success, no one else. If you want to hit those goals, then you need to stop letting excuses hold you back and start being accountable and intentional with your actions. Tough love, but sometimes that’s the most needed kind!

How are you planning on hitting your biggest goal this year?!

Let me know what you think!