Antique Festivals you must hit in Michigan

Antique Sales you MUST HIT in Metro Detroit

I love shopping at garage sales and antique shops. My favorite thing is getting great deals but also getting unique items with a story. It’s always better when an item is not only beautiful but also an adventure and has a history.

I’ve shared my garage sale love a couple of times on this blog, but I will definitely be posting more about the steals I find and my secrets to finding them this summer as we continually pull off the road for every yard sale sign we see.

There are a ton of great sales on my radar and in my calendar for this summer that I would love to see you at so we can both enjoy some chipped paint and old books (if you’re into that thing, which you should be). Here’s a list of some of mine that I’m already saving my cash and prepping my fanny pack for – because yeah, we’re so cool we have fanny packs.

Some of my great finds from this weekend. Not Pictured: My awesome 70's chair that I got for $1!


Michigan Antique Festival

Davisburg, MI – April 29-31

I can’t wait for Saturday! My sister and I are going and it will be our first big sale of the year, so I’m sure we will be spending way more than needed and filling up the car. This festival is great because there’s a pretty low admission fee ($5 I believe), and it’s a giant event. Not only are there a million and one vendors, but there’s also an antique car show and a Michigan craft beer tent – soooo we will be there all day. Also – if you can’t make this one, there’s another festival taking place in Midland later on in the summer.


M-15 Garage Sale

Bay City to Clarkston, MI – May 7th

I’ve never done this garage sale before, but it’s seems like the marathon of garage sale. I’m positive we’re not going to make it all the way, but it’s great because you can stop where you want and drive as far as you want. Last year there were over 7,000 visitors to the M-15 area, so it’s going to most likely have a great turn out again which means more people will have garage sales up near the route. Plus, there’s food trucks, activities, and festivals on the route.

The Vintage Market

Trenton, MI – May 21st

This option is less like a antique sale, but there will still be lots of vendors with great and unique pieces. There will be everything from gardens, art, clothing and rusty treasures – plus live music, great food, and lots more. Check out their website for more information about date, time, location, and admission.

Finders Keeps Vintage Market

Woodhaven, MI – June 5th

This is a great one because usually with these vendor sales there’s an admission, but it’s free! There’s a lot of great upscale vendors. There’s a lot of great unique vendors with such a different variety of items, anyone can find something. Check out their Facebook event for lots more information about the event and the different vendors that will be there.

 Antique Yard Sale Trail

Lake Huron Coast along M-25 from Algonac to Port Huron – August 12-14th

We just found this one and I think this is the sale I’m the most excited for, specifically because it involves a few of my favorite things, Michigan road trips, garage sales, and the coastline. There are lots of different communities that are participating, so where ever you can make it to will have lots of shopping and deals. Plus we get to spend the day pulling over and enjoying the water and sunshine – this will be a great afternoon.


Are there any that I’m missing?! Comment below and let me know any that you’re looking for!


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