Spring Cleaning: April Goals & To-Do's // CEO in Progress

Spring Cleaning: April Intro & To-Do’s

I’m so ready for spring! It’s been a rough winter, just felt like it was never going to end. It’s finally time for some sunny weather, longer nights, and sundress. I want to use this month as a time to restart, refresh and renew, so what better theme than Spring Cleaning?! It’s the time of the year when I feel like you really start to waken up and take a deep breath in & out, so I want to share content this month that reflects this feeling.

This month, I want to accomplish A LOT. I know, that’s probably the most exaggerated theme ever for the beginning of the month. Who would go in with the intention of not?! But there’s a lot of big deadlines that we’re ready to take on this month (hello, rental house) and also with our Etsy shop picking up steadily.

Taking on all of these projects along with a full time job and a home and keeping myself out of the crazy bin means the creation of a lot of organization, systems, and schedules. This month I hope to accomplish a steady schedule that helps me keep on top of all that I want to accomplish and helps me not only just keep grinding but keep moving forward.

Spring Cleaning: April Goals & To-Do's // CEO in Progress

On top of all of that, this month is the start (fingers crossed) of warm weather in Michigan, so we want to prep outside so that it’s completely ready for entertaining, barbecues, and warm nights on the deck. I’m hopefully going to pass my black thumb onto a green one as we’re planning on starting a garden, and we’re looking to do some decently-sized projects too that will keep our weekends busy.

Honestly everything is going to require a lot of organization and dedication to that organization. In the winter it’s easier to waste a day inside on the weekends cleaning and prepping for the week, but once spring hits I’d rather spend as much free time outside and use my systems during the week to keep the machine running. I have a lot of great content lined up for the month all about organizing your business, your home, your mind in order to take a big breath in and a deep, refreshening exhale out.

Stay tuned, and happy Spring!

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