Arizona Packing List: For Late Summer // CEO in Progress

Arizona Packing List: What I’m Bringing For Late Summer Adventures

We are so ready for our next adventure to Arizona. It seems like ages ago we went to Boston with friends, and it is definitely time for a break. Things have been so hectic, it’s good to take time to recharge and relax.

I’ve never been to Arizona, so I’m more than excited to visit and see everything. It’s completely different from anywhere else I’ve been, so I’m sure there will be a million pictures (sorry in advance).
On our travel list is Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. It will be a busy few days, but I’m looking forward to some time by the pool and trying to touch a cactus and not get pricked.

Arizona Packing List


Because I’ve never been there, it’s been pretty hard to figure out what to pack. Everyone says “it’s a dry heat” but how the heck do you plan for 95 but feels like 70?! Here are some of my musts:
Sundress // By the end of a long day of adventuring I’m sure I’ll be looking for a quick and easy way to get ready for the night out. I love this color one as well, it transitions well for fall with a cute blazer for work or a blanket scarf and sweater.
Striped Tanks // I always say the easiest way to look put together is stripes. A simple stripe shirt will look better than just a normal workout shirt, but will be just as easy.
Floral Top // Sometimes when I end up traveling I only pack the basics, this top is trendy enough to stand out but will still be an easy piece to mix and match.
Green Skirt // I’m honestly just secretly in love with this skirt and need a reason to wear it, but a skirt like this is perfect for exploring the town and a day spent shopping and relaxing.
Sandals // I could wear my Birkenstocks and tennis shoes all day, but sometime you need to throw on something a little fancier!
Jean Shorts // A staple for any trip!
Tennis Shoes // Need a good pair that’s comfortable all day but doesn’t look too clunky and like your a middle-age mom (no offense to middle age moms!). These gray match everything and are just sleek enough to not stand out.
Hiking Tank // Just a simple shirt I’m not afraid to sweat in.
Green Hat // I’m in love with hats like this, but it’s so tough to find a chance to actually wear it besides vacation, plus this one looks like it’s ready for adventure.
Floral Bikini Top // I’m a fan of this one mainly because it isn’t black, but also because it seems actually supportive and good for being active.
Birkenstocks // Everyone needs a pair of Birkenstocks. I wore mine 95% of the time in Boston and they were the comfiest my feet have ever been traveling. They completely worth it and won’t be my only pair.
Luckily for the packing list stress we aren’t going for too long, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to plan, but I’ve already started to look and see what I want to bring. To make it harder, we’re going to be out a lot on the trails and exploring outside on top of walking around town, so I want to be comfortable and cool, but still look cute.
And with this vacation, I’m finally trying to find a bathing suit, but I absolutely hate bathing suit shopping, so much so that I’ve avoided it for like a million years. It’s something that I’m sure we all face, but I’m at the point where we need to suck it up and find something new. Now considering I’ve worn the same black bathing suit on every vacation, it might be time to branch out.
Have you ever been to Arizona? Let me know in the comments below of any must-do’s while we are there!
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