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Why Audiobooks Aren’t Just for Old Ladies

I swear sometimes I’m truly a senior citizen, and one of those things that I’ve been hooked on lately is audiobooks. I drive a little under an hour to work and an hour back each day, and that’s just too much time with the same old music and commercials and radio announcers that inevitably get annoying. I sometimes listen to music on my phone, but I never update anything one there and I don’t have the data to listen to Spotify all drive every day.

I decided to try Audible a couple of months ago and give their free trial a go. If you haven’t heard anything about it yet, you basically get access to their online library and receive a credit a month for any audiobook you choose. You get to download your audiobooks to any device and listen to them offline – major win in my book. You can also just purchase audiobooks without having a credit, and they now have channels with free content that you can listen to as well.

Most of the books I’ve started to read have been real estate related since we’re just getting started and want to learn as much as possible. This is a perfect use of my 10 hours a week that I spend driving (so sad to see that number added up as one) and be a little bit more productive than working on memorizing all the lines to new Justin Bieber. So far I’ve listened to The Book On Rental Property Investing and The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, with a few more on my list to download next.

But besides these wonderfully educational books (again, where’s my walker?!), there are so many amazing titles of best sellers that will make you happy to sit through rush hour traffic. I love biographies, because a lot of the time they have the person who is the protagonist reading, so it feels really authentic. Also, if audible isn’t you’re thing or you aren’t sure, check out your library! There are hundreds of great stories just waiting to be listened to all fo free (insert Bridemaid’s “it’s fo free so I said sure…” quote here).

Below are some of my all time favorites to listen to in the car though, have you listened to or read any of these?! What did you think?

Why Audiobooks Aren't Just for Old Ladies

Why Audiobooks Aren't Just for Old Ladies

Why Audiobooks Aren't Just for Old Ladies

Why Audiobooks Aren't Just for Old Ladies

Happy Listening! 

Do you listen to audiobooks?! Any recommendations?!


Pictures are not my own but from Audible… except the one of me… cause that’d be weird

2 thoughts on “Why Audiobooks Aren’t Just for Old Ladies

  1. I did the same thing when I had a long commute and when I took my dog on walks!! Audio books are the best. I loved Yes Please too, and would also recommend Bossypants by Tina Fey! Happy Listening!

    1. Yeah I’ve gone through so many audiobooks this year just on my drive, it’s been a good way to catch up on my reading list! I love Bossypants! I’ve read it but haven’t listened, I’ll have to check that one out, thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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