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What’s in My Bag? My On-The-Go Work Essentials

I’ve shared before about my desk essentials, and although those can be similar to what I lug around with me each and every day, the stuff I carry with me is usually the most important. I hate heavy bags, too many times in college I would have to carry all that I needed for 12 hours in a bag and wind up with the sorest shoulders and neck. Like seriously I had to go to physical therapy for it, yikes. So I try to keep only the essentials with me on-the-go. With my new job I’m able to work from home more often, so I can’t just leave everything at the office, just in case I end up on a conference call from my couch.

Also, I got this fossil bag as a congratulations present to myself when I got this new job and it’s everything I need in my life. It’s fashionable but goes with everything, extremely sturdy, lots of big pockets, and easily fits my laptop. I don’t like to usually spend a ton of money on bags but this one was worth every penny. (similar here and here).

What's In My Bag? My On-The-Go Work Essentials // CEO in Progress


This has been my go-to for too long to admit. It holds everything and has a zippered front pocket that fits my phone. I love it for quickly grabbing to go downstairs for lunch or meeting up with friends for drinks after work, that way I don’t have bring my whole bag with me.


It’s Michigan. It’s cold. There are always a pair of mittens in my bag from October through March, I hate it, but I hate it more when I have to walk to my car in 10 degree weather and my fingers freeze.


Let’s be honest, I’m extremely clumsy. I’m pretty positive I have like 5 bruises on my knees and elbows right now just from trying to function like a normal human. It’s always safe to have a band-aid or two ready to go just incase.


I’m always trying new snacks, but I need something that will keep me full and focused. Almonds are my go-to for when I need to keep going and don’t want a sugar crash in an hour. Check out other healthy snack swaps here.


Those who can deal with office distractions without headphones amaze me. That’s like a super power. For me, I need a way to drown out the noise sometimes and focus on the task at hand.


I’ve started to work out more during my lunches, so having a little extra perfume just in case is sometimes necessary. I’m in love with Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and this rollerball the the perfect size to throw in my bag and quickly roll on if necessary. I sometimes have a little throw-all make up bag in my bag too with perfume, deodorant, stain remover, concealer, and lots of extra bobby pins.

Computer Charger (& Phone too!)

Again, I never know when I’m going to end up working from home or away from my desk. I always have my charger on me just incase!

Notebook & Notepad

I love this notebook I got – although I realized about 20 sheets in I was using it upside down and backwards! It’s great to go from meeting to meeting but to keep all my notes organized and at my fingertips. Also I’m a huge list maker, and I have to use a pen and paper to write it down otherwise I end up forgetting it, so right now I keep this umbrella list in my bag, but I think I have roughly 50 different kinds in my desk drawer. Just admit me already to office supply rehab.

Laptop Case

The problem with using an open tote like this one is that my computer is still open and could get damaged from rain or spills or falling right out (see above under “Band-Aids”). Having an extra layer of protection is a must. This case I got off amazon (similar here and here) is a great option, really slim but holds well and keeps everything safe.

What are your bag go-to’s?!

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