Banana Republic's Spring Looks // CEO in Progress

Banana Republic’s Spring Looks

This become one of the hardest time of the year, all of the great spring clothes are coming out, great sundresses, cute sandals, and just as I get lots of great new warm weather favorites, we get like 4 more inches of snow, ughhhh.

Never the less, Banana Republic again has made some beautiful new pieces for the spring that are stunning, floral and perfect for those 60 degree days that I swear are close by. I love the very feminine looks for this year: flowy skirts, soft patterns, pastel colors, it’s perfect. I think I’m just so excited for spring to come they could advertise a potato sack and I would be thrilled at the thought of wearing it and not having to wear tights.

Before making my list of what I want this year, I really need to go through my closet and do a good run through of what I have and what I don’t need any more. Every year I try to pull everything out of my closet that I don’t need and donate, then put away things that won’t work for the next season. After that, my next step is to do the same with the clothes I have in storage, going through what I won’t wear and putting it in the donate pile and unloading what I want to keep and start organizing. I always try to stick to the rule that if I haven’t worn it in the last year it needs to go, but that rule ends up getting broken a lot!

Here’s some of my favorites that they’ve released in their spring collection. Honestly most are above my price range right now as I’m trying to be smart, but there’s such good inspiration and it makes me so happy to think about spring.

Tassel Loafer // Print Embroidered-Trim Fit-and-Flare Dress

 Ikat Pleat-Skirt Shirtdress // Pearl Heirloom Stack Ring

Gray Cotton Snap Coat // Pleated Hem Tank

Avery-Fit Tie Stripe Pant // Floral Shine Scarf

Where’s your favorite pieces for the warm spring weather?!

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Let me know what you think!