Best Documentaries on Netflix

I’ve been in a huge netflix kick. Between finishing up House of Cards or starting Fuller House, I’ve had it on all weekend as I’m cleaning and working on my wedding checklist. Besides those two shows, documentaries are my other favorite, I love learning a little something new, and there are some great options available on Netflix.


Best Netflix Documentaries

We watched this movie a couple of years ago and it’s amazing and eye opening. It’s definitely has some harsh truths in it, but I would highly recommend it. Blackfish has caused a lot of change in the world, and shows the reality of Sea World and how these animals are treated.

The Short Game.

Best Documentaries on Netflix


This is the cutest movie, these kids have so much heart. It’s all about kid golfers that are basically professionals and their road to competition. It’s amazing not only to see them play, but to see how hard they work day in and day out for their passion.

Titanic’s Final History.

Best Documentaries on Netflix

I watched this the other night while cleaning and thought it was extremely interesting. Although I know a lot about the Titanic before, it offered some new insights and some really interesting ideas as to what happened and why it did. This documentary was very in depth, but definitely not dull and that’s why I would recommend this one to anyone.

Everest: IMAX.

Best Documentaries on Netflix

If you’re a fan of Planet Life or other similar shows, then you would most likely love this as well. The hiking makes me so nervous, but the views from the climb are amazing, it’s such a beautiful thing to see. We just got a new TV for Christmas and it looks amazing on it!

Has anyone watched Making a Murderer yet?! I’m intrigued, but I know I’ll be obsessed with it and binge-watch it!


Let me know what you think!