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My Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging

I’m honestly still shocked with how far along on this journey I’ve travelled. I’ve never really put all my energy into this blog, but it’s been something that has been with me since I’ve graduated. It’s something that’s grown, adapted, changed, gone off course just as I have.

Honestly I’m struggling to remember why I decided to start a blog in the first place. I think I just really wanted that creative outlet. Somewhere I could go to get things off my chest, meet others who felt the same, and take some time to do something I love: write. 

The old Amelia 2-ish years ago that started this blog would never have guessed where this would lead and what I would learn along the way. There’s a lot of new experiences, lessons, and skills I’ve really had to learn throughout this, looking back on my time developing CEO in Progress there are definitely a few that stand out.

My Biggest Lessons From Blogging // CEO in Progress

Consistency is the best policy

Consistency is something that I’ve struggled with while blogging and I honestly think has set me back. One month I’m on my game, posting new content daily, then the next writer’s block hits me and I struggle to post once a week. CEO in Progress has given me a chance  to realize what a difference staying consistent makes. When I can consistently put the effort in, I consistently see the rewards. 

In order to help myself be consistent, I’m working on putting systems in place to keep me on track. Schedules for weekly tasks, using tools to keep me ahead of the game, publishing content for a date in the future. These little tricks are helping me keep on track on a daily basis.  

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in regards to consistency though is this: don’t overload yourself. Trying to consistently run at a sprint will leave you exhausted and disappointed when you can’t accomplish what you thought. Instead, be realistic with your time, attention and efforts and don’t overschedule yourself. 

I used to try to have daily posts, but I realized I was constantly running behind. With a full time job and all my other projects it was really tough to devote that effort. So instead I’m working to put quality over quantity and make the effort that I can put in go towards what will make a difference. 

Be Yourself

Blogging is tough, well actually just being a human in the social media age is tough. You’re constantly comparing yourself to what everyone else looks like, what they’re wearing, how they’re acting, their success levels. We all need to stop. Those people did not get to where they are because they copy & pasted someone else’s life. They got there because of their unique and interesting take on the world. So just embrace who you are, the world will give you a digital hug for it. 

I used to spend way too much time watching what everyone else was doing. I would look at everyone else’s blogs and see what they were posting, when they posted content, how their photos looked. I spent so much time wasted on that digital creeping that could’ve been spent focusing on my take on the world! And that’s the great thing about blogging, everyone can have different opinions, beliefs, styles and still make it work. 

It’s good to stay in touch with what’s going on around you, but don’t try to copy what everyone is doing. See what you like, what you believe in, and make it your own. 

Life Begins Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This is always the hardest one. Pushing yourself to do something scary and new can feel like jumping off a cliff. You get all nervous, all of this doubt and anxiety comes in your head. It’s terrifying. But once you do take that leap, you realize something: it’s not so scary after all. If you really want change, if you really want to see an impact, you need to do the tough stuff. You need to go the extra mile. 

I feel like I’m still struggling with this, but everytime I push myself a little bit farther outside of my comfort zone it gets easier and easier. I struggle with opening up sometimes, and really of being confident. I’m not the only going around posting selfies all day or wanting that full attention. I’m definitely more of a behind-the-scenes run-the-show type, but that can be almost impossible when you decided to write a blog about your personal experiences! Each post, each picture, each new idea becomes an opportunity to put myself out there, and it’s always rewarding. 

My Biggest Lessons From Blogging // CEO in Progress

These simple but truthful lessons have become things I see on a daily basis through my time working on CEO in Progress, but not just in the online world. It’s important in everything you do, and I’m lucky to have learned these little lessons right here, every time I hit publish.

What have you learned the most from blogging?!


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