5 Simple Touches to Make Your Biz Stand Out // CEO in Progress

5 Little Touches to Make Your Business More Personable & Stand Out

For all those sellers and makers out there, ever feel like you’re in a sea of competition? You want to stand out and show your passion, and interact with your customers more, especially when they’re across the world. Your passion for you business is so important and the reason that you do what ya do, you need to let it show! Plus, little touches like the ones below will help you be memorable and stand out in the sea of Google searches and Pinterest-worthy pics.

The best part of this list is, they’re all super easy to implement. I’m not a rocket scientist and these personable touches are all stuff you may already know. You get the warm fuzzies when people do this for you, but maybe you haven’t thought about do it for your customers. Take this list and see if you can implement these quick steps in to your daily biz and make a difference in the eyes of your fans.


Go the extra mile while packaging up orders. Of course you want to make sure it gets there safely, but why can’t you add stickers to the box or a little extra confetti?! One of my favorite Etsy sellers, The Blushing Script, uses her calligraphy skills to write the persons’ name large on the outside of the package. Make it unique, make it fun, and make it stand out from all those Amazon prime shipments they also get.

Hand Written Thank You

If you’re still under 100 packages a day, or whatever a reasonable amount is, a handwritten thank you in the box might be a nice touch! I do this a lot with my shipments, especially when I’m sending out a favorite of mine. I have a little thank you card printed off, but on the back I use my horrible-trying-to-be-nice handwriting to say how much I love this piece and hope they do to and thank you.

5 Simple Touches to Make Your Biz Stand Out // CEO in Progress

Follow Ups

After shipments are received and you’re counting the cash, follow back up with your customer. Make sure everything was received okay, if they have any questions, if they need anything else from you. That little act of caring for the customer even after the sale is done will really show that they’re what’s important to you. And a little bonus, if they love the product/service, it usually becomes a good reminder to review their experience. If there were any issues too, you’ve gotten to them before they had to reach out, so that will help show your drive and initiative.

A quick way of adopting this one is to save a template of your communication to the customer in a note or Google doc, and use it for each order. That will help you cut down on the time you need but also keep you connected.

Product Recommendations

In a non-sales-y way of course! If you see someone bought pens from you, why not recommend the matching pen case? Or if someone asks you a question about one product, why not use it as a chance to tell them about a complementary matching product? Show that you’re listening to your customer’s needs and wants and see if you can go above and beyond the call of duty.

This happened to us when we were out in Wyoming last year. My husband asked for the draft menu at a restaurant, which the waiter happily listed off. After picking an IPA, the waiter said, if you like IPA’s I would highly suggest the Kona Brewing Company Castaway IPA, it’s my favorite. He changed his drink order to that and after the first sip he was so thankful for the recommendation. It’s now one of his favorites, and the waiter was a champ for being passionate about his work.

5 Simple Touches to Make Your Biz Stand Out // CEO in Progress

Social Media Shout Out

We all love a little love. If you make custom products, help with someone’s special day, or sell pieces for someone’s home, it’s always a good idea to share some customer love with your insta-feed. Share the product being made and how you’re so excited for Sally to get her perfect piece. Post a pic of the wedding and your favorite part, or on their anniversary do a throwback to their special day. If customers share pics with you share it back with the world. Most customers love to be spotlighted (I know I do) and to see that appreciation of their interaction with you.

And there you have it! There’s 5 little, easy to implement touches to help you stand out, go above and beyond, and create a close connection to your customers.

Have any others? Comment below in how you make things special in your biz! 

Let me know what you think!