Google Calendar Tips & Tricks // CEO in Progress

Target Desk Accessories

Our wedding registry is at Target, so I’ve been even more obsessively browsing all the great home and office accessories lately. They’ve really gotten my style down, it’s like they’ve been checking out my Pinterest boards or something, I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing. I’m a big fan of a little bit rustic, natural, […]

Rifle Paper Co. {Favorites} //CEO in Progress

Rifle Paper Co. Favorites

I’ve been full-on-obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. I had a contest with them a while back, and I loved loved loved the¬†journals that I gave away, I almost wanted to enter myself! They have the most unique and useful desk supplies, everything from notepads to calendar to wall art and recipe holders. Whatever you need […]

You Might Work at Dunder Miifflin If...

You Might Work at Dunder Mifflin If…

One of my not-so-secret obsessions since forever is the show The Office. I’ve seen every episode too many times to count. We live off our Apple TV and Netflix since we don’t have cable, and running through the series is basically a monthly routine. I even have my own Dundie Trophy and a mug with […]


Today is a pretty big day for me. It’s been a year officially since I had my first day at my job. I can’t believe where this year has taken me; I’ve grown so much and learned more than I could have imagined. This year has gone by in the blink of an eye – […]

Equal Pay Day - You Don't Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate

Equal Pay Day

Today is a very special day of the year. Today is the first day where women final make up the salary difference from the previous year. Today is also a day to recognize this struggle and put an emphasis on it’s solution. Being someone focusing on equality in all aspects of life, including gender equality, […]

Healthy Work Swaps

I’m on a health kick lately, not for any losing-weight kind of reason, but just whenever I eat like junk food¬†I usually feel so slow and lazy – garbage in, garbage out! The main thing is when I’m at work, I’ve really gotten in to a food schedule, I’m sure you do too, and now […]

It Will Never Change.

We just finished our ISO audit this week, and everything went really smoothly. There are definitely some kinks in our quality system, but I think with our team that we will be able to get them figured out before our re-certification. Today while I was at lunch I was talking with a lady who was […]

Healthy Work Habits

My first six months at work, I did the same thing everyone else did, I sat and worked all day, rarely getting up. I drank lots of caffeine, very little water, and my total step count when I left work was around 300. Not a really good everyday routine if you want to stay healthy. […]

That one meeting…

I think we all have that moment in a new job. Before it happens, things are beginning to make sense, but it’s hard to see the full picture. You still have so many questions, and keeping up with a meeting can be tough. I always suffer through the weird initials that people throw out so […]

I locked my keys in my car...

I Locked My Keys in My Car.

Yeah. It’s exactly what it seems. Had to share because, well, what my luck! I ran out on lunch to try and get some Christmas shopping done while I had a second (I did get some really cute stars that will be perfect in my kitchen and some tins for homemade cookies!). I got back […]