Spring Time Desk Essentials // CEO in Progress

Spring Time Desk Essentials

One of the first posts I ever wrote was about the essential items I must have in my desk to get over any hiccup and survive the day. Honestly I looked back on it when I started my new job recently and made sure I had everything I still needed. The items on there still […]

Job Searching Secrets You Need to Know // CEO in Progress

Job Searching Secrets You Need to Know

It can be really tough when job searching, even emotionally. Trying to sell your skills and find the right opportunity can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a summer internship or a job after spring graduation, I would honestly start looking soon. Interview processes can be […]

Setting Goals that will STICK // CEO in Progress

Things To Do When Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be extremely overwhelming and scary, no matter how prepared you are. Coming in to a new environment that you’re unsure of is difficult for everyone. It’s important to remember that you were picked because you would fit in and are capable of completing the job. So if you’re in the […]

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life //CEO in Progress

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life

School is right around the corner, and for me, that always means it’s time for planners and a whole new organizational model. I think this is such a critical decision to your success throughout the school year, it’s a tool you’ll have with you through everything. With 6 classes, work, a social calendar, long distance relationships, […]

How to Handle New {Responsibilities} at Work - 3 Quick Tips // CEO in Progress

Adding New Responsibilities at Work

A while back a lot of new responsibilities were added to my position. I began to be in charge of our whole return process on the purchasing side of our company, which meant working with vendors (I hate talking on the phone), coordinating with customer service, and solving weird complicated problems that always seem to arise. At […]

Why office {gossip} is killing your opportunities and how to |stop| it // CEO In Progress

Why Gossip Can Kill Your Opportunities & How to Cut it Out

I swear, sometimes working in an office is like working in a middle school or high school (especially if you do work in a middle school or high school). People can get very petty over small things, from parking spots to taking the last cookie at the quarterly luncheon. All of a sudden it can go from […]

Google Calendar Tips & Tricks // CEO in Progress

Target Desk Accessories

Our wedding registry is at Target, so I’ve been even more obsessively browsing all the great home and office accessories lately. They’ve really gotten my style down, it’s like they’ve been checking out my Pinterest boards or something, I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing. I’m a big fan of a little bit rustic, natural, […]

Rifle Paper Co. {Favorites} //CEO in Progress

Rifle Paper Co. Favorites

I’ve been full-on-obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. I had a contest with them a while back, and I loved loved loved the journals that I gave away, I almost wanted to enter myself! They have the most unique and useful desk supplies, everything from notepads to calendar to wall art and recipe holders. Whatever you need […]

You Might Work at Dunder Miifflin If...

You Might Work at Dunder Mifflin If…

One of my not-so-secret obsessions since forever is the show The Office. I’ve seen every episode too many times to count. We live off our Apple TV and Netflix since we don’t have cable, and running through the series is basically a monthly routine. I even have my own Dundie Trophy and a mug with […]


Today is a pretty big day for me. It’s been a year officially since I had my first day at my job. I can’t believe where this year has taken me; I’ve grown so much and learned more than I could have imagined. This year has gone by in the blink of an eye – […]