My Biggest Lessons From Blogging // CEO in Progress

My Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging

I’m honestly still shocked with how far along on this journey I’ve travelled. I’ve never really put all my energy into this blog, but it’s been something that has been with me since I’ve graduated. It’s something that’s grown, adapted, changed, gone off course just as I have. Honestly I’m struggling to remember why I decided […]

The Number One Way to Grow Your Audience

This question is always the biggest. How do you grow your audience? Every other pin on Pinterest covers it, each blogger has a whole course dedicated to it, it’s what this little blogosphere seems to evolve around. Sure, you can like and follow as many people as possible, you can guest post all day and […]

Etsy First Sale: A Combination of Motivation, Passion, and Patience // CEO in Progress

Etsy First Sale: A Combination of Motivation, Passion, Patience

Yesterday we had our first sale on our Etsy store. It was such a relief. I had been listing new items, scouring for great deals, trying to take the best photos possible. And it was weeks we only views and favorites on our shop. But finally yesterday, as I checked on my phone as I […]

Consistency is KEY: Tips & Tricks to a Consistent Hustle

I know I’ve been guilty of it. I’ve worked really hard to get some project or idea off the ground, devoted hours right away to this new passion, then don’t pick it up for 6 whole months. Although it seems like it’s really productive, we’re better off consistently putting in a normal amount of effort and working towards […]

What's Your Why? Defining It and Living Up To It Everyday // CEO in Progress

What’s Your Why? Defining It and Living Up to It Everyday

Taking a big leap and starting something new is scary. It takes a lot of energy, passion, motivation, and time to figure out what on earth you’re doing and how you can do it successfully. Yes, you can read 100 motivational quotes on Pinterest telling you to be your best, and you can learn about […]

Insecurity is a Waste of Time // CEO in Progress

Insecurity is a Waste of Time: How to Fight Off Insecurity & Self Doubt

Am I’m sitting here, currently laying on the ground trying to think of new ideas for this blog, I was having the hardest time trying to get ideas to stick. I would think of something useful or relevant, then instantly the insecurity in my head would tell myself that I’m not experienced enough for that, […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Selling on Etsy

When I first started selling on Etsy, I had no idea what I was doing. I still have no clue of what I’m doing, but instead of being completely in the dark, I have a small night light. Etsy can be very simple and also extremely complicated. There’s so many different ways of doing business […]

Keeping Up With Creative: 6 Ways to Motivate Your Creative Side // CEO In Progress

Keeping Up With Creative: 6 Ways to Motivate Your Creative Side

Lately, my schedule has been so hectic that I really have to plan out my time closely. Workouts, meal prep, driving, cleaning, I try to stay on top of a schedule in order to use my time the best I can. However, it can be so frustrating when I set up time to write or think of […]

Putting It In Focus: Achieving and Keeping Focus // CEO in Progress

Putting It In Focus: Achieving and Keeping Focus

Focus has been a big theme in my life right now. It’s being brought up in books, my side projects, and in daily distractions at work. For me, focus comes second nature one day and impossible the next, but I think I’m getting better at recognizing when I need it and what’s distracting. Focus is critical in […]

How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life // CEO in Progress

How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life

The beginning of the year is filled with so much promise and hope, but quickly that can turn in to confusion, uncertainty, and difficulty. Deciding to do something new or different is a exciting time, but if you’re going head strong into a whole new project it can also be pretty defeating. One minute you’re thinking […]