How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life // CEO in Progress

How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life

The beginning of the year is filled with so much promise and hope, but quickly that can turn in to confusion, uncertainty, and difficulty. Deciding to do something new or different is a exciting time, but if you’re going head strong into a whole new project it can also be pretty defeating. One minute you’re thinking […]

8 Books to Read for all Entrepreneurs who need Inspiration & Action // CEO in Progress

8 Books to Read for all Entrepreneurs Who Need Inspiration & Action

My goal for the year is to read 52 books, crazy! I’m committed myself on Goodreads to the challenge, but I’ve started to make lists of books I want to read in order to fill this goal. If you have any great suggestions, let me know in the comments below! In the morning I read something […]

Lessons From My First Job // CEO in Progress

Lessons From My First Job

There’s so much change happening right now and I’m excited but nervous at the same time. Starting anything new can be a little scary, but new opportunities are work the risk. I’ve learned so much over the course of my short time at my current job, and I wanted to take a moment to look […]

Finals Tips To Get You Through The Week // CEO in Progress

Small Win Sunday: The First Step

Sunday is my favorite day of the week to be productive and work on big projects. Saturdays can be so busy with birthday parties, weddings, events, so Sunday is perfect for devoting time to big goals, from continual hustle to the first step.   This Sunday it’s all about the that first, crucial step. It’s […]

The One Key Thing To Becoming a Morning Person // CEO in Progress

The One Key Thing To Becoming a Morning Person

I’ve always been a sort-of morning person. I liked when I got up, was able to drink coffee, relax, get ready for the day, and feel really prepared. However, usually my mornings were more like: jump out of bed 20 minutes before I had to be out the door, throw my hair in a bun, […]

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life //CEO in Progress

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life

School is right around the corner, and for me, that always means it’s time for planners and a whole new organizational model. I think this is such a critical decision to your success throughout the school year, it’s a tool you’ll have with you through everything. With 6 classes, work, a social calendar, long distance relationships, […]

The {Fear} of Failure // CEO In Progress

The Fear of Failure

I’m seriously about to start (another) major project. It’ll be on the down-low for a while since I  really want to focus and get my own thoughts on to paper before sharing it with the world. As I’m sitting here planning out my schedule, researching opportunities, and figuring out what moves I should take, all these […]

My Favorite {Podcasts} / CEO in Progress

Favorite Podcasts for Motivation & Inspiration

Podcasts are amazing. I just recently got into listening to this new form of radio in rush hour. I was using Audible to fill my commute with less awful radio and more books, but it got to the point where I wasn’t feeling like spending $15 a month and only getting one book, which was […]

Find Your Path

Find Your Path

I’ve been really into business, entrepreneurial, and motivational books lately. They’re all pretty similar though, most of the time someone was on rock bottom when they realized they needed to make a change and jumpstart their life. Then they magically find their passion and path in life, bust their behind, and wham! Success, book deals, […]

Fourth of July – Always time for a side hustle.

I love the Fourth of July, long weekends spent by the water, fireworks, getting together with friends and family, as much watermelon and ice cream as you can eat. Who wouldn’t love this great weekend break from the norm?! But what if you could take this weekend and still enjoy it, but use it to […]