Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish {Review} // CEO in Progress

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Nail Polish Review

The other weekend I was planning on finally going and getting my nails done. I’m seriously such a cheapskate when it comes to certain things, and I always hating wasting money on getting nails when I can paint them myself. Not well, but that’s besides the point. Plus my nails chip extremely easily, so it […]

Fall Ankle Booties

It was on my bucket list to find some great new boots for fall this month. I haven’t had the best luck in completing that one. There were so many deals for labor day, but I just couldn’t decide. It might’ve been just too many options honestly! I’m so particular sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to […]

Best Shops for Business Casual on a Budget

Okay I’m obsessed with J.Crew. I could live there, but in reality I can’t because it’s really expensive. It’s totally unreasonable to think that $150 blazers and $80 dress pants need to be a part of your uniform if you’re just starting out, like for your first job or an internship. I does not, however, […]

Favorite Back to School Outfits // CEO in Progress

Favorite Back to School Outfits

Okay I think I had way too much fun creating this post. I’m trying to be on a budget because October is kind of a big month, but I have always loved back to school shopping. Picking out new favorite jeans, creating a whole new style, I would plan what I wanted for far too long as […]

Favorite Summer Work Outfits

I’ve been in such a slump when it comes to my wardrobe right now for work, business casual has been a struggle. I’ve just been trying not to wear black everyday. It’s honestly been difficult to break out of this routine I’ve created. On top of that, it can be 92 degrees outside, but our office […]

Favorite Summer Weekender Bags

Summer Weekender Bags

Summer is officially HERE! YIPEE! Time for mojitos, kayaking, and weekend trips up north. Seriously, our summer is filled with long weekend plans, at least once a month we have a mini-vacation planned, and I get my packing list and essentials nailed down pretty quickly. I’ve had the same weekender for forever, I swear it’s one […]

Favorite Baseball Hats for the Summer

Favorite Baseball Hats for Summer

Once the summer days arrive, I almost always have a baseball hat on for the weekends. My hair gets crazy frizzy (if you have any favorite hair products hit me up in the comments below!), so sometimes throwing my hair in a braid and putting a hat on is an easy way to look like […]

Favorite Summer Dresses for Work

First just want to apologize for being so MIA lately, I’ve been spending some time figuring out the direction I want to send this blog in, and I’m really excited for the future and the changes I’m going to make! Woohoo! The weather is getting back to the days that make everything sweeter. I just […]

Classic Summer Accessories For A Steal!

Classic Summer Accessories under $20

This week the weather has slowly and slowly been creeping into those summer feels. Yesterday during lunch I sat and read in my car with the windows rolled down and the breeze was absolutely perfect. It honestly felt like it was summer again and I can’t wait until it is. This weekend is supposed to […]

How Etsy kills it for Mother's Day

How Etsy Kills It for Mother’s Day

Usually my mom has already picked out what she wants for Mother’s Day and tells me where to go, what to get, and has a coupon for me OR, she already bought it for herself and gives me it to wrap. Literally – easiest shopping ever. But this year there was no real list or […]