Shine Like a Star in Your Interview: STAR Question Prep & Examples

Interviewing is tough, there’s so much stress leading up to it and nerves that kick in during it, even if you have the right thing to say, it doesn’t always come out right. That’s why prepping for an interview is crucial. There were a few times when I didn’t prepare for the meeting and wound […]

Office Distractions: The Killer of Hopes & Dreams // CEO in Progress

Office Distractions: The Killer of Hopes and Dreams

This week has been tough, with so many things going on right now personally and professionally that it’s hard to stay focused. There are a million distractions, with new must-do’s coming up, things I need to remember for after work, and the never ending office noises that are fighting to steal my attention. Some days it […]

Insecurity is a Waste of Time // CEO in Progress

Insecurity is a Waste of Time: How to Fight Off Insecurity & Self Doubt

Am I’m sitting here, currently laying on the ground trying to think of new ideas for this blog, I was having the hardest time trying to get ideas to stick. I would think of something useful or relevant, then instantly the insecurity in my head would tell myself that I’m not experienced enough for that, […]

Job Searching Secrets You Need to Know // CEO in Progress

Job Searching Secrets You Need to Know

It can be really tough when job searching, even emotionally. Trying to sell your skills and find the right opportunity can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a summer internship or a job after spring graduation, I would honestly start looking soon. Interview processes can be […]

Tips for Finals to Get You Through the Week // CEO in Progress

Tips for Finals: Getting Through the Week

One of the things I definitely don’t miss about college is finals week. It seems like it took me four years to get it down, just in enough time to graduate. The first year I underestimated it, my second year I was unbalanced, my junior year I didn’t sleep, and my senior year things finally started […]

Recruitment Time: Sorority Post Recap

I can’t believe it’s recruitment season again! It seems like just yesterday I was going through recruitment. I swear I can still feel the butterflies, nerves, and the feeling I felt when I found my home. My instagram has been filled with different chapters and organizations spreading their excitement for new members and all of the […]

FOMO: Fighting the {Fear of Missing Out} // CEO in Progress

FOMO: Fighting the Fear of Missing Out

This time of back to school can be so difficult. You want to get your priorities straight and focus on your goals, but then there’s everyone else who’s blowing off their responsibilities until the last minute. Their way seems much better, enjoy the moment now and then just figure it out down the road. Trust […]

Grand Valley Bucket List

I can’t believe it’s already move-in day! Seeing all the posts from my alma mater about people moving in makes me remember my first day in the dorms at Grand Valley. I swear I will never forget the shear terror, excitement, anxiety and freedom I felt once my parents had me all unpacked and left […]

Weekly Meal Plan for the Broke, Busy, Healthy College Student // CEO in Progress

Weekly Meal Plan for the Healthy, Broke, Busy College Student

I’m honestly surprised that I survived my college years. Not because of heavy drinking or poor decisions, but because of my eating habits. Now being an “adult” I’ve gotten 100 times better about what I put in my body, but back then it was a free-for-all. Everything I ate was processed, pop-tarts were a staple, […]

Lessons From My First Job // CEO in Progress

Helpful Tools for College Students

I had a pretty awesome post last week about organizing your calendar, but I wanted to expand that just a bit to include some other extremely helpful places that you need to bookmark now in order to save yourself some time/headache/frustration later on in the semester. Some of these were just complete lifesavers that helped me […]