The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life //CEO in Progress

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life

School is right around the corner, and for me, that always means it’s time for planners and a whole new organizational model. I think this is such a critical decision to your success throughout the school year, it’s a tool you’ll have with you through everything. With 6 classes, work, a social calendar, long distance relationships, […]

Favorite {Dorm Decor} Collections // CEO In Progress

Favorite Dorm Decor Collections

I wish I was going back to school just so I could go back to school shopping. The cute dorm decorations, new fun comforters, crazy storage in order to get everything to fit,*sigh* I wish I could still hit up my favorite stores and redesign a whole new space. Although we are constantly redoing something in our […]

Why office {gossip} is killing your opportunities and how to |stop| it // CEO In Progress

Why Gossip Can Kill Your Opportunities & How to Cut it Out

I swear, sometimes working in an office is like working in a middle school or high school (especially if you do work in a middle school or high school). People can get very petty over small things, from parking spots to taking the last cookie at the quarterly luncheon. All of a sudden it can go from […]

What Show Should You Binge Watch This Summer? Nature.

What Show Should You Binge Watch This Summer? Nature.

Okay, I love watching a series straight through of a show just as much as the next girl, but something just irk’ed me last night as I was scrolling through emails. Seventeen had an article titled “What TV Series Should You Binge Watch Over Summer Break” and all that I thought was, if my summer is […]

My Biggest Lessons From Blogging // CEO in Progress

When you have no idea what you’re doing with your life

The summer before my Senior year, I literally had no idea what I wanted to do. I applied for so many internships, fell in love with one and was heart broken when I didn’t get it. I didn’t want to banquet serve or work at the golf course like the summer before, and I couldn’t […]

Love this mug! Off etsy :)

10 Steps to Adulting: Basic “How To” Skills You Should Know

Yesterday as I was leaving the library, I saw a couple of younger people with the hoods of their cars up, clearly a dead battery issue was surfacing as the jumper cables got pulled out. My first though was, oh no, what if they don’t know how to? My next thought was, it’s sad we […]

In the past 365 days since graduation...

In 365 Days: My Graduation Anniversary

Today marks a year since I walked across the stage and joined the alumnae life of Grand Valley and Delta Zeta. There has been so much change and progress and unknowns in the last quick moment of time, it’s amazing where this year has taken me. In the course of 365 days I have moved […]

How to Travel the World through Internships

How Lane Travels the World through Internships

So one of my great friends and sorority sisters, Lane, has always been an adventurous and wander-ful soul. After envying her pictures last year while in Jordan, New Zealand, and all over the world, I thought I could never be more surprised what Lane was up to. That was until recently when she posted repeatedly […]

Before you Cross The Stage

Before You Cross the Stage

I’m amazed with how quick this last year has flown by. Every month has brought new adventures, new challenges, and gives me a complete new aspect on how I look at my life. It’s hard to imagine where I was only a year ago, finishing up the last stages in my college career and trying […]

The Harry Potter Mug Story

I love Harry Potter (obviously from this post or this post or this post), and as a birthday present I got the coolest Tervis mug. It’s covered in the Marauder’s Map; there are footprints and names all over it and it’s awesome (find it here!). I brought it in to work because it’s perfect for everything, water, […]