How to Get Out of A Slump // CEO in Progress

Getting Out Of A Slump

It’s pretty common to fall into a slump. Things just aren’t working out, no motivation, no direction, we’ve all been there. I feel like I’m finally on the tail end of one now. It was hard for a while to figure out where I wanted to go, but with a few little pushes in the […]

Insecurity is a Waste of Time // CEO in Progress

Insecurity is a Waste of Time: How to Fight Off Insecurity & Self Doubt

Am I’m sitting here, currently laying on the ground trying to think of new ideas for this blog, I was having the hardest time trying to get ideas to stick. I would think of something useful or relevant, then instantly the insecurity in my head would tell myself that I’m not experienced enough for that, […]

Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Keep Going

This time of the year it can be so¬†critical to finish off the year strong. Remember those goals that you thought of at the beginning of the year? There’s still time to cross them off and get it done. It may seem like it’s better to just put it off until next year, but there’s […]

Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Hobbies

Hobbies can be crucial¬†in your life. They can shape who you are, provide you opportunities, and let you explore passions. When I saw this quote the other day, it really put all of that in perspective, especially what they can offer you. If you put your hobbies in these kind of categories, you really get […]

Don't Worry, Be Happy // CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Happy Monday Everyone! Just a simple phrase has been stuck in my head this weekend that everyone knows but not everyone thinks about all the time. Don’t Worry. Be Happy. It’s so simple and sweet, but also a perfect reminder to just enjoy the moment. The holidays are just around the corner which is always […]

Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation by Ron Swanson

Why hello everyone! It’s been a while you could say, but now with the wedding completed (posts to follow), the honeymoon traveled (of course posts to follow) I know feel like I can devote myself back to the blog.   Which brings me to my quote for the day and kind of the motto for […]

{Monday Motivation} Reflection // CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: {Reflection}

This weekend my great friend Maddie and I took a trip down memory lane and I-96 all the way to Allendale to help support the women of our sorority chapter as they go through recruitment. It’s amazing what a year and a half will do to a place. There was so many new things that […]

About Me // CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Something You’ve Never Done

Happy Monday Everyone! Things are seriously picking up in my life. With real estate, work, wedding, and blogging, I’m trying to keep up with all of these different aspects, but at the same time progress and grow. It’s easy to keep spinning the little hamster wheel, but it’s a lot more difficult to make strides. […]

{funk} how to get out of it // CEO in Progress

Funk: How to Get Out of It

I swear, the last couple of days I’ve been in such a funk. It’s not with everything in my life, just my goals and ambitions. It’s like the day-to-day is taking every bit of energy and I don’t have anything left for thinking about where I want to go instead of just the step in […]

Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Passion

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you’re reading this with a cup of coffee in your hand and some positivity in your mind. This week I want to focus on what you’re passionate about, finding it, embracing it, and living it everyday. Without passion in what you do, then you’re really just letting life happen to you […]