6 Things You Must Do in Alpena // CEO in Progress

6 Things You Must Do in Alpena

Since my parents have bought a cabin near Alpena a few years ago, we’ve been going up regularly in the summers. At first (and still), we end up spending most of our time around the house playing golf, tennis, going kayaking, taking long walks, and being in the sun as much as possible. It’s great […]

Boston Packing List // CEO in Progress

Boston Packing List for Summer

We’re headed to Boston so soon! I can’t believe this trip is already here, it’s something that we started planning last fall (apple picking day to be exact) and now that it’s here I can’t wait and I’ve already started packing! Our last big vacation was Jamaica for our honeymoon in the end of October, […]

Tulip Time Weekend Tips // CEO In Progress

Tulip Time in Holland Michigan Girls Weekend

I meant to post about this last week, but earlier this month we had a much needed girls weekend. Now that we’re spread all over the state with normal adult lives, it can be really tough to find the time to get together. However a few days¬†filled with shopping, flowers, and spring time was just […]

Fall Colorado Trip Suggestions // CEO in Progress

Fall Colorado Trip Suggestions

I’m so excited, we just booked our tickets for our Colorado trip this fall. We’re going to drive around Colorado for a week enjoying the fall colors and trying to see more of the state. I used Kayak to book our tickets and I’m so glad that I did. I put an alert for the […]

Monday Motivation: Life Is Either A Daring Adventure... // CEO in Progress

Motivation Monday: Life Is Either A Daring Adventure…

This point of the year is really tough on everyone. The days still are short (although getting longer each day, woohoo!), the weather is still crummy for most of us, and the holidays have passed. This is the time when I seem to fall in this quiet, hermit-like state, which definitely is not the best! […]

Jamaican Packing List

Okay I swear this is the last Jamaica post for a while (not ever, no promises). I really wanted to share some of my packing essentials for the trip since it was really hard for me to find a great list of packing ideas when I was prepping. It was hard to tell what I […]

All Inclusive Resort // CEO in Progress

My All Inclusive Resort Guide

I never thought I would be one to go to an all-inclusive resort. We usually do a million things on our vacation (take Nashville as an example where we walked 12 miles in an afternoon), so the thought of simply sitting on a beach was just so out of the ordinary. However, after a long […]

Boat Cruise in Jamaica // CEO in Progress

Boat Cruise in Jamaica

I had to share some of our favorite moments from Jamaica, our boat cruise. We had wanted to take a sunset catamaran cruise but were a little too late to sign up and missed our opportunity. I have no idea how we got so lucky, but we somehow snagged a private boat cruise with 5 […]

Snorkeling in Jamaica // CEO in Progress

Snorkeling in Jamaica

I already shared some of my favorite photos from Jamaica, but I wanted to go in to some more details about one of our favorite things that we did in Jamaica. After several days of just trying to detox from the stress of the wedding, we went snorkeling in the morning for the first time […]

Honeymoon in Jamaica // CEO in Progress

Honeymoon in Jamaica – Favorite Photos

I simply can’t get over how beautiful Jamaica was. We spent our time at Couples Resort in Negril, and it was the best decision we could have made for our honeymoon. The beaches were beautiful, the staff was extremely¬†helpful, and the food was amazing! Usually when we go on vacation we’re rushing from place to […]