Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable That Actually WORK // CEO in Progress

3 Ways to Build Accountability to Help You Reach Your Goals

Remember those 2018 goals you just set? Hopefully you haven’t lost that sheet of paper with them written down and that instagram that was so inspirational is still hitting you hard. The problem is, achieving goals isn’t about motivation, or inspiration, it’s about intention & accountability. I can be as hopeful and post as many […]

Arizona Packing List: For Late Summer // CEO in Progress

Arizona Packing List: What I’m Bringing For Late Summer Adventures

We are so ready for our next adventure to Arizona. It seems like ages ago we went to Boston with friends, and it is definitely time for a break. Things have been so hectic, it’s good to take time to recharge and relax. I’ve never been to Arizona, so I’m more than excited to visit […]

Michigan Fall Weekend Getaway Guide

I love this mitten state, there’s so many amazing places to explore all with their own unique feel and attractions. We’ve done most of the state, Alpena, Traverse City, Pictured Rocks, Grand Rapids, Detroit, but still there are a lot of places left on my list that are great for fall getaways. Plus, going at […]

Spring Cleaning For Your Digital Life // CEO in Progress

Spring Cleaning for Your Digital Life

Everyone does spring cleaning at home. They go through old clothes, open the windows, reorganize the closets. But how often do you go through the same process for your work? With the daily grind being hectic and constantly putting out fires, the organization systems and clean desk you once knew quickly become a thing of […]

From Ideas to Undertaking - 4 Steps to Get Your Ideas In Motion // CEO in Progress

From Inspiration to Undertaking: 4 Steps to Get Your Ideas in Motion

The beginning of the year is a time of motivation, inspiration, and hope for all of what the next 365 days can hold. It’s the time of the year when people commit themselves to change and to new ideas and opportunities. Wether it’s starting a blog, creating a side hustle, or so many other exciting possibilities, there’s a […]

February Bucket List

February is kind of a big month in my opinion. You have Valentine’s Day, it’s seemingly (hopefully) starting to see a glimpse of spring, and most importantly IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH (yay!). But also just as important, it’s when a lot of people begin to falter on their new years resolutions that they’ve been working […]

Top Blog Posts of 2015

I’m kind of sad to say 2015 is over. It has by far been the most amazing year of my life, with all of the changes that have happened it’s difficult to think back to where I was this time last year, there were so many open-ended questions that I somehow was able to figure […]

Holiday Summary – How is it Monday?!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I first wanted to start off by apologizing for not posting in forever, even though I’ve had so many days off work I’ve been just as tired by 6 still. So much has been going on in my life I want to try and get you up to speed. […]