Columbus Birthday Getaway

If any of you follow me on instagram (@ceo_amelia) you saw that I had a getaway to Columbus this past weekend and it was perfect! “Have an adventure” was on my bucket list for the month and it was one of the items and I was truly hoping I would get to.

Matt’s birthday just passed, and I swear he can be the hardest person to get a gift for. One tradition I have is I always get him a book of some kind, but I was stumped on what else he needed. So instead, I decided to plan an adventure for us to a wings game. We have a Red Wings bucket list; we’re trying to go to a game at every stadium they play at and we were stuck at just 1 – Joe Louis Arena.

So I found great seats in Columbus, and being only 4 hours away and a place I hadn’t heard much about I decided it would be the perfect little adventure for us and booked the tickets. To give him the gift, I started a scrapbook (ha, see what I did there?!) with pictures from the wings game on new years eve on the first page, and then when you flipped to the next, I had the tickets and the hotel confirmation underneath the plastic.

Columbus has a great arena district with lots of bars, restaurants and hotels within walking distance of the hockey arena, the convention center, and a lot more. It was a great area to get away for the night, you can tell it was well planned for tourists or for a fun night out.

We took a half day off work on Thursday and drove down for the game that night. The drive was of course awful, with so much construction and traffic, but we made it down in plenty of time. We ate at a little brewery by our hotel, Barley’s Brewing Company, and enjoyed great beer and excellent food. Afterwards we walked over to the arena and made it to our seats right as warmups ended.

The game was great, the Wings played hard and won 3-1, with all three goals happening on our end of the ice. It was very different being at a wings game somewhere else besides the Joe, but the funny thing was, most of the fans there were actually rooting for Detroit. We felt pretty at home in a sea of winged wheels. I was terrified though when the cannon went off at the beginning of the game, a Blue Jackets tradition that I was unfortunately not aware of!!

The next day we slept in, which is pretty rare for us, and enjoyed waffles and coffee in the awesome little breakfast area of the hotel we stayed at, Hampton Inn & Suites (the Columbus-Downtown hotel). We drove around for a bit, checking out all the beautiful old architecture and buildings. There was a neat river-walk metro-park we took a walk in and enjoyed some sunshine, then grabbed lunch before heading home.

We got lunch in German Village, which is worth checking out if you are in the area. The cobblestone streets and restored homes make anyone want to move right in. I seriously thought I was back in Charleston for a minute, minus the palm trees of course. We ate at The Old Mohawk, which is a local favorite in the area and has been a staple to German Village since before the prohibition. The food was amazing, the best sauerkraut, and you could just tell it was just the neighborhood go-to for a quick lunch.

We only were able to stay a night, we had family coming over on Sunday and needed to finish up some projects and do some cleaning, and I was sad we didn’t get to explore more. Columbus was very surprising; I didn’t know much about it when I booked the tickets, but I’ll definitely be looking for something else to do down there so we can go visit again.

I can’t wait for our next adventure! Where’s your favorite quick getaway?!


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