Keeping Up With Creative: 6 Ways to Motivate Your Creative Side // CEO In Progress

Keeping Up With Creative: 6 Ways to Motivate Your Creative Side

Lately, my schedule has been so hectic that I really have to plan out my time closely. Workouts, meal prep, driving, cleaning, I try to stay on top of a schedule in order to use my time the best I can. However, it can be so frustrating when I set up time to write or think of new ideas and simply cannot get the creative juices flowing. Has that ever happened to you?!

I’m a pretty creative person, but with enough distractions and procrastination, my mind can go as blank a wall. When my schedule is packed though, there’s really no time for this nonsense. I’ve found that my most creative time of the day is in the morning, so if I can carve out a chunk of time to write or brainstorm with coffee in hand before the craziness starts to set in, I’m usually better off than when I’m burnt out and overwhelmed towards the end.

If it seems like every time you try to write or be creative you mind looks like a desert, it will be okay! Writer’s block is totally normal, the main thing is you need to push through it. No matter what just keep trying and eventually it will come naturally again. I’ve gone through this a couple of times with blogging. I’ll have great ideas, but then when I go to write it sounds robotic or really generic. I’ve just had to work through the awkwardness and keeping rolling, things usually get better (also a slight motto for my life…).

Here are some of my quick tips if you’re stuck and can’t figure out how to shake it out (props if you didn’t sing Taylor Swift right there):

Keeping Up With Creative: 6 Ways to Motivate Your Creative Side // CEO In Progress

Set Up Your Space

Where are you trying to work? Is it a good environment for you to be creative? It’s almost impossible for me to write with the TV on, and sometimes I do my best writing on the floor. I love a candle lit, a cup of coffee nearby, and usually in my sweats – no shame. Make sure that you have a place to work that is conducive to what you need to get done. Set yourself up by success by setting your room up for success.

Clear Your Mind

Sometimes there’s just too much garbage in your mind that’s not doing you any favors but taking up space. Clear your head of all the unnecessary thoughts so you can focus on what’s at hand right now. With a clear head, you can let the present take over and not be distracted by the past or the future. Here’s some of the easiest ways I know to clear your mind:

Go for a run – my favorite when I’m stressed or can’t focus

Do a quick yoga session – sun salutations are a simple way to connect your breath and your actions in the moment

Takes some deep breaths and focus on an object – Focus on something nearby and take deep, full breaths in to stay in the present

Let it out – Journal, talk, dance, jump, just get those emotions or thoughts out in to the open so you can move on to what’s at hand

Create a Vision Board

This will help you focus if you start to lose your direction. Take up some wall space and washi or painter’s tape and post up what inspires you. Post pictures of places you love, quotes that keep you going, your dreams and your goals. Reflect on this when you’re struggling to remind yourself of where you’re going and why. If you don’t have good wall space for that, create a private Pinterest board to compile your vision, or use your background of your computer or fun for that bit of inspiration.

Keeping Up With Creative: 6 Ways to Motivate Your Creative Side // CEO In Progress

Go Somewhere Different

Sometimes all you need is a change of pace. If you’re in a rut, try going somewhere that can inspire you, or at least give you a new environment. I’m not sure why this makes all the difference, but I know from first hand experience that it can act like a fresh start and give you a whole new set of eyes on a problem or situation. Go to a coffee shop, a bar, a park, a library. Find somewhere that’s distracting enough to give you energy but not too distracting where you can’t function.

Don’t Compare Yourself

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. SO STOP TRYING TO COMPARE YOUR SELF. Part of that was Dr. Seuss and part was just me getting frustrated with the fact that we all try and compare our successes to others’. Everyone is on a different path, at a different time, with different tools and different experiences, so trying to see how you hold up against them really doesn’t do any good. Plus it’s just illogical.

To be creative we need to stop trying to be like someone else, act like someone else, do the things others our doing. We need to be genuinely unique, which is easy because you already are that! This is a simple one! Do you’re own thing and don’t waste your time trying to compare yourself. All you will do is stop your creativity and start copying what they’re doing. So stay true to you (couldn’t sound cheesier but you get the picture) and let you create your own flippin’ path.


I don’t know if you’ve heard of him or not, but Ernest Hemingway used to write every morning. Jerry Seinfeld would come up with at least one new joke a day. Repetition is the greatest way to hone a skill or strengthen a muscle, even on the creative side. If you have a goal to write a book, then you need to write every single day, if you have a goal to be a photographer then you need to take photos every single day, and if you have a goal to knit hats to make bank on Etsy then you need to knit every single day. No matter what you want to accomplish, daily habitual actions can lead to success and growth. All out sprints of extremely focused hard work is great too, but it’s the constant practice that truly makes the difference.

Let me know what you think!