About My Job: What I Do All Day With A Supply Chain Management Degree // CEO in Progress

About My Job: What I Do With My Supply Chain Management Degree

I love when I tell people I work in supply chain. They give you that look like ‘ohhh I know what you’re talking about’ but also have no idea what you’re talking about. Which I get; supply chain as itself is a broad term. For anyone unfamiliar, supply chain means the process of getting something from A to B, which is obviously a simplified way to explain a many-step process. You can be the person who makes it, or the trucks that move it, or the customs that brings it between countries, or the people who figure out how much.

With me though, I’m the person who buys it and figures out how much. That makes what I do all day seem like a walk in the park, but in reality there’s a lot more to it than that. I’m responsible for procuring (buying and making sure product gets where it needs to go) all accessories that get sourced to our dealers that are bought through domestic suppliers. So each day I work with 30+ suppliers to make sure product is planned, ordered, and has arrived as it should.

Supply Chain Management Daily Work // CEO in Progress


I spend a lot of my days reviewing reports and going over items. Most of them are related to making sure that we can fill orders, but they also include looking at back orders, purchase orders that are late, and material waiting to be received in to a warehouse.


I also buy. A lot. If you like shopping and are looking for a degree, check out supply chain. Each day I review items to buy, looking at history, formulas to predict what we need, lead time, and what we have in stock. I also buy items for new vehicle launches, working with suppliers to meet deadlines and have enough inventory.


Corporate life means a constant stream of meetings. I spend probably around 8 hours of my week in conference rooms, physically or electronically. Most of the time because of working with suppliers and other offices, they’reĀ conference calls, but there’s a lot in person as well. A majority are just recap/weekly meetings to make sure we’re keeping on top of things.


I spend most of my day, unfortunately, in my inbox. It’s a habit I’m trying to break because it’s so distracting, but most of my day and communication is over email. Most of it is with suppliers, but also with our different teams and with our distribution centers. My number one tip in life is get your inbox organized and be sure to not be too attached to it. People can (for the most part) wait until you’ve finished the task at hand before getting back to them.

What’s your usually day consist of?!

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