Spring Cleaning For Your Digital Life // CEO in Progress

Spring Cleaning for Your Digital Life

Everyone does spring cleaning at home. They go through old clothes, open the windows, reorganize the closets. But how often do you go through the same process for your work? With the daily grind being hectic and constantly putting out fires, the organization systems and clean desk you once knew quickly become a thing of the past. So this year, as you’re going through and taking the time to spruce up your work life, take the time to do the same for your business.

Spring Cleaning For Your Digital Life // CEO in ProgressReorganize Your Inbox

I think we’re all guilty of having 10 too many emails in your inbox that you still need but don’t need now, or those folders that you set up years ago that seemed helpful but are more for show that use. Spring is the perfect time to work through some of the weeds and clean up those messages. Here’s a few things you can do to organize the most-hated aspect of most people’s work lives

Review the folders you currently have // Delete folders that aren’t useful, add ones for emails that tend to pile up or for the type of email. Setting up these virtual cubbies will help you quickly keep a clean inbox.

Unsubscribe from as much as you can // Do you really need to know if 1-800 Flowers is having a promotion? Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from as much of the garbage that just distracts you and serves no purpose. My process for this is pretty easy; I just work my way through my inbox and once I find one email I don’t want, I unsubscribe from their list. Then I search my inbox for the sender and delete all of the built up crap I don’t need in bulk.

Spring Cleaning For Your Digital Life // CEO in Progress

Update Your Passwords & Software

My work computer makes me update my password every few months, but what about my gmail account? Or my website? Especially for some of the high profile accounts that you have, it’s a good idea to go through and update your passwords every once in a while. Same thing goes with your software on your websites, phone, computer! The more you stay on top of it the less stress it is.

This way your less likely to be hacked, something that will cause everything you work for to come crashing down fast. Make a list of your top 10 most sensitive accounts and update passwords to something that is new and strong. I actually had an issue with this earlier in the year. Luckily no damage was done, but it was a wake up call I needed. No I run software updates on all my apps and software as soon as I can, plus updating passwords on occasion and keeping them strong.

Spring Cleaning For Your Digital Life // CEO in Progress

Change Your Pictures

Okay let’s be honest, when was the last time that you updated your profile picture for your business on social media? Spring is the perfect time for a little facelift on Facebook and where ever else you portray yourself online. Pick something fresh that represents your brand well.

I recently just updated our Etsy banner and it makes our store look up to date, maintained, and gives an accurate depiction of what we’re all about. I definitely need to find some new favorites for the blog though and update those this season!

Spring Cleaning For Your Digital Life // CEO in Progress

Delete Old Content

Stores usually do a spring cleaning sale where they try to move old inventory out, so as a blogger why shouldn’t you?! If you have a blog, set aside some time this season to go through old content and remove what’s not relevant to your brand or goal. This will actually help your SEO score and give you better search results, plus your audience will have a better feel for what you’re about. It may seem backwards that removing content will increase your growth, but it’s true! Check out this podcast all about this strategy from Smart Passive Income.

What are you planning on changing with the seasons this year?!

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