DIY Holiday Decor Ideas // CEO in Progress

DIY Holiday Decor Ideas

After pulling out all of our holiday decor from storage, I realized how much my home has changed over the course of a year. With our basement remodeled, I have whole areas of the house that I didn’t have anything to decorate the holidays with. Although I love Target’s Holiday decor selection, it can get pretty pricy pretty quick to go on a shopping spree for decor you use for a month. On top of that, my style changes basically every year, so I could not end up liking it by the next time I need it.

There’s a million DIY tutorials online for holiday decor ideas on a budget that are unique. Below are some of my favorites to add some trendy decor at a reasonable price. Plus, being crafty is a great way to spend a snowy weekend afternoon, just add in a great Christmas movie and it’s a perfect day.

Below are some of my favorites that I found while looking for ideas for the season. Just simple little touches that can add some holiday festiveness around your house after your tree is up and the garlands hung.

DIY Holiday Decor Ideas // CEO in Progress

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes by Making Home Base 

These are perfect for that blank wall or for the stairwell. So cute and simple to make, just some popsicle sticks, hot glue and paint.

DIY Holiday Decor Ideas // CEO in Progress

DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees by Little House of Four 

These little trees are just adorable and would be great for the whole season, not just Christmas. I can imagine them sitting on our bookshelf right now.

DIY Holiday Decor Ideas // CEO in Progress

DIY Christmas Wreath by Blooming Homestead

Wreaths can get pretty price quick, DIY is a great way to make something you love and save at the same time. This one is both colorful and classic, it’d be a great pop of color on a white door.

DIY Holiday Decor Ideas // CEO in Progress

Snow Covered Pinecone by Ella Claire

How cute are these little pinecones?! Adorable add on to your holiday table, these pinecones are a simple and easy project that isn’t over-the-top Christmasy either.

What’s your go-to holiday home favorite? 


Let me know what you think!