Done Not Perfect // CEO in Progress

The Quote That’s Getting Me Through This Year – Done Not Perfect

We’ve already done a month in this 12 month marathon of 2018, what progress have you made on your goals? If you’re like me that question makes you kinda cringe a bit and divert the conversation to puppies. My goals this year feel like trying to juggle 5 things at once while googling ‘how to juggle’ – it’s not easy.

I’ve been listening to a lot of the Jenna Kutcher podcast. It’s become one of my favorites because Jenna is so positive and approachable; it’s a great way to spend my morning commute. One of her favorite quotes though that she runs her business by is a simple one that’s really hit home this year for me.

Done Not Perfect // CEO in Progress

Things don’t have to be perfect. If you spend your whole life afraid of doming something that’s not perfect, you will never get anywhere.

Some people use that as an excuse all the time. If it’s not perfect, they don’t want to try. But let’s be honest, when have we ever done anything without making a few mistakes at first? It’s nearly impossible to be perfect right from the start, even Beyonce had to put in some practice before becoming queen.

So even though you may not know how to do something perfectly, don’t let it hold you back. Still try and put it out there, 90% of the time you can always go back and update. But if you don’t just get started, how will you ever improve?

Done not perfect. It’s simple and accurate and a refresher. What are you holding back on? What are you worried about not being perfect? It’s time to let go of those ridiculous fears and try. Give yourself a break and just go for it.

I’m not perfect, no one is, and no one expects you to be. Just get started and give yourself an opportunity to figure it out along the way. Get started, keep learning, and keep improving.

Need help on getting going? I loved this post I wrote about accountability, I would start there! 

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