Etsy Shop Name Inspiration // CEO in Progress

Etsy Shop Name Inspiration Ideas

So you have a great idea for a shop or a special talent you’re ready to unleash on the world. But there’s one giant thing that you’re stuck on, a shop name for your etsy store. It’s a big decision, it sets the tone for your whole shop, and it’s something you really don’t want to go back on later and change down the road.

I think it was over a week before we decided upon Ginger & Daisy. We spent days texting ideas and thoughts back and forth, 90% of them bad and the other 10% were Harry Potter related. Eventually, we decided on Ginger & Daisy.

We picked Ginger for me because of my red hair, and my sister picked Daisy as it’s her favorite flower. It’s natural and rustic, low key and not pretentious. Plus it doesn’t tie us to antiques, with a name like Ginger & Daisy we could take on the world of almost anything.

So if you’re at where we were at, don’t worry, it will come to you! You just need that little spark of inspiration to get you there. Here’s a list of a few things to get your brain moving and see if there’s something there.

Also sidenote, this list is great not just for etsy but for anything. Starting a blog, small business, dog names, lots of options! If you’re about to start a project and need to figure out the details, walk through this list below and see if you can find that special name.

Etsy Shop Name Inspiration // CEO in Progress

Nickname // Have a special nickname? Use that as some inspiration and personality to your shop.

Fur Baby (or Real Baby) // Use your fluffy friend as your muse and your shop name! Keep it lighthearted and fun, while showing what really important to you.

Hometown // Use that little hometown pull to stand out on the map and online. Would be great too if you used local products or showcased some local charm.

Materials Used // If you’re a maker and a craft, look to your supplies as inspiration for your shop name. Plus, it will help make it easy to tell what you’re all about!

That Moment of Inspiration // Do you have that story of how you learned your craft or where you came up with the idea to open your shop? Use that as not only the start of your journey but as a way to define it moving forward.

Favorite Character // No shame in a Harry Potter themed name! If you have an inner nerd in you, let it shine and show off your beautiful personality.

Favorite Food // I love Jenna Kutcher because she’s amazing, but also because she uses her personality and favorites to set herself apart. She’s known for loving mac n cheese, you can be known for your love of hot cocoa!

Your Name // If everything else seems cheesy or not the right fit, why not just use your name?! Keeps it open, classic, and you can grow in to it easily.

Let me know what you think!