Etsy Shop Update: Lessons Learned & Tips // CEO in Progress

Etsy Shop Update: Lessons to Learned & Tips After 6 Months

It’s been just about 6 months since I’ve opened up my Etsy Shop, Ginger & Daisy. There’s a lot that I’m still working on, but I’ve been impressed with how well it’s coming along. So far I’ve had 31 sales and seen a big increase in traffic and favorites. The success is good, but the most important thing is I’ve really enjoyed too picking out items for my shop, figuring out what people like, and finding the best way to market them.

The hardest part about keeping up with an Etsy shop is just sticking to a consistent schedule. I definitely find a lot more success when I’m posting marketing photos, listings, and campaigns on a regular basis. I’ve started some different charts and and schedules in order to keep myself on track. That way every day I’m doing a little something in order to make progress. I also schedule a lot of posts for the week on Facebook to help make sure I’m staying in contact daily, and I’ve also started to use the Planoly app to plan and schedule Instagram posts.

Etsy Shop Update // CEO in Progress


One thing that I’ve started to pay more attention to is the statistics of my shop. There’s a lot of information that Etsy provides that helps keep track of progress and sales, but I also have been starting to pull out information and run my own numbers. The main thing I’ve been focused on is the Conversion Rate, which tracks how many views turn in to sales. Views and favorites are good and helpful, but the biggest thing is getting sales. I calculate this by looking by month at the number of views, and dividing that by the number of sales per month.

I’m also keeping track of traffic sources to figure out how people are getting to my shop. Right now my social media reach is pretty small, so I’m focusing on that, but Etsy is definitely my number one source. Because of this I’ve been updating listings to make sure they stand out in the search results.

Etsy Shop Update // CEO in Progress


Another thing I’ve been trying to work on is keeping track of inventory. Making sure I keep a detailed list of the items I have, what I bought them for, where I got them, and if they’re listed or not. This helps when I’m posting items I got a while back and I might now remember what the cost of the item is.

I definitely have a lot of progress I need to do also in storing my inventory, right now it’s a hodge podge in our basement, but I’m slowly working on getting more organized. I set up a whole shipping station with my scale, boxes and wrapping material close to the printer to make that easier. We’re also working on getting more storage so I can properly organize items instead of finding them based off memory.

Etsy Shop Update // CEO in Progress

Keep Learning

The most important thing I’ve learned though is that I have to keep learning. There’s so many different aspects of owning an Etsy shop, so there’s a lot more that I gotta figure out. Each week I try to read an article from the Etsy Seller’s Guidebook and apply what I learned to my shop. From descriptions, titles, and statistics, I’ve learned a lot and applied what I learned which is the most important part.

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