US Road Trip: Evanston Wyoming // CEO in Progress

US Road Trip Part 3: Evanston Wyoming

Sorry for the long break in the story! For those that follow my Instagram, things have been crazy since we got back. Thanksgiving, work trips, and getting ready for the holidays has made it tough to stay on track, but let’s catch back up.

So, leaving off from part 2 of our trip, we were headed out early in the morning to try and beat the storm coming in from Utah. It was downpouring still from the day before, and even at 5 am it hadn’t let up. We left in the dark and it was already pretty rough going. The road was windy but thankfully it was almost empty. However, once we crossed over the Wyoming border, things took a turn for the worst.

The rain turned in to heavy snow, and the flurries that were expected turn more in to a blizzard. Our little rear-wheeled sports car was out of its element, and we somehow made it off the expressway and in to a little town called Evanston, Wyoming.

To say I was nervous is an understatement, I was just about in tears that something bad was going to happen, I’m such a worrier. I was incredibly thankful that we made it off the highway safely, and even more thankful that it landed us in an adorable little town.

We parked at a hotel near the exit and walked in search of breakfast and most importantly coffee. The downtown was snow covered and mostly closed, but it gave us a chance to walk around and see all of the little shops. We got breakfast at Ana’s right downtown and sipped coffee while the snow continued to fall.

After a while we walked across the street to the bookstore Serendipity and met a lot of other people who were in the same boat as we were, stuck waiting for the roads to clear. We actually met a couple of nice old ladies who were doing almost the same thing we were but just in the opposite direction. We got another cup of coffee and decided that we were not going to be able to get out tonight. They had closed the highway right after the Evanston exit, and temperatures were going to keep dropping until the morning. So we made the best of it and explored the town, even though it was freezing and windy out and still snowing.

US Road Trip: Evanston Wyoming // CEO in Progress
We checked out a thrift shop in the historic old post office, where I found a great ugly christmas sweater, a cozy cardigan, and a super cute vintage blouse. After that we stopped for lunch and a brew (what else are you supposed to do?!) at Suds Bros. Brewing Company.

We got back to the hotel that we landed upon and spent the night relaxing, getting dinner in their lounge, and enjoying a Harry Potter Weekend on Freeform.

It definitely was not the day that we planned on, and we were wayyy behind where we needed to be, but we ended up making a day of it and keeping the adventurous spirit alive, even when things weren’t perfect. I’m not the best at playing it by ear, but sometimes that’s all that you can do. We were still far away from home, but we will keep pushing through.

US Road Trip: Evanston Wyoming // CEO in Progress

The rest of the drive was still pretty rough through Wyoming. We were able to get going the next day, and after still some delays in Wyoming, we were running out of time. We ended up driving an insane 20 hours on Sunday in order to get back for work.

Once we got through Wyoming the temperature changed and the driving conditions were better. Even though conditions were better, it still didn’t leave us with time to explore as we planned, but it didn’t matter. I was happy we made it out of Wyoming and home safe and on time.

US Road Trip: Evanston Wyoming // CEO in Progress


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