Favorite Back to School Outfits // CEO in Progress

Favorite Back to School Outfits

Okay I think I had way too much fun creating this post. I’m trying to be on a budget because October is kind of a big month, but I have always loved back to school shopping. Picking out new favorite jeans, creating a whole new style, I would plan what I wanted for far too long as a kid.

Technically I’m not going back to school, but I think my wardrobe could use a bit of a new touch for fall! Here’s some great pieces that I’ve found for the new year. I always end up getting a few new pairs of jeans in the fall, everything is on such a good sale. It’s also a great time for light weight jackets and new shoes too!

One piece of advice, focus on the pieces that will last you through many seasons, not the things that are trendy now. Spend your money where you’ll get your best return (I sound like a true inventory analyst here…).

Another good piece of advice, make your list and do your research ahead of time. If you know what you want, they’ll be less of a chance you’ll go overboard and buy 12 striped t-shirts. Know from experience on that one. Plus it will help make sure you get everything on your list, from a classic jean jacket to some trendier items. I make a to-do list on wunderlist with everything that I want for the season and that way I can slowly cross them off as I find pieces.

Also – if you can’t tell by the photos below, my style is a bit all over the place! I’ve never truly been able to settle on one. I think it’s somewhere around delicate, slightly preppy, but casual. One day I’ll figure that out.

Boho First Day of School Look // CEO in Progress

Hippie Back to School Look // CEO in Progress

H&M First Day of School Outfit // CEO in Progress


What are your favorite pieces for the new year?! I’m in love with the lace up shoes, but would love to hear what’s on your shopping list!

Let me know what you think!