Favorite Holiday Recipes for Potlucks and Parties // CEO in Progress

Favorite Holiday Recipes for Potlucks and Parties

Anyone else have a million potlucks happening right now?! We’re in the middle of so much planning and prepping, cleaning and shopping, it’s hard to find the time to find a unique and creative dish to pass to all of the get-togethers and celebrations. I always find it’s nice to stick with a simple classics that everyone will like, and anything that can be thrown in a crock pot to cook easily is a wonderful bonus.

The hard part about this time of the year too is everything is so sweet. There’s always a million desserts, but sometimes it can be tough to find those dishes that won’t put you in to a sugar coma or make you feel like you need to go to the dentist the next day.

I usually have almost never ending sweet tooth, but this season is just such an overload, it’s nice to be the person who brings the real food to the party.

Here’s a few of my favorite recipes that I’ve found over the past few years that make potlucks and parties seem a lot less nerve-wracking when you’re trying to figure out what to bring. Let me know what you’re favorites are, I’m always looking for new ideas!

Favorite Holiday Recipes for Potlucks and Parties // CEO in Progress

Crockpot BBQ Meatballs

Source: Never Ending Journey

These seriously always go within the first 20 minutes of a party, they’re that good. I almost feel embarrassed when people ask for the recipe because it’s like under 5 ingredients and they’re incredibly easy to make. I love making these since there’s almost 0 dishes involved too, so clean up is nothing.

Favorite Holiday Recipes for Potlucks and Parties // CEO in Progress

Turkey & Egg Breakfast Casserole

Source: Aimee Mars The Dinner Chef

For all those brunches out there, be the person who stands above the OJ and brings this wonderful dish. We usually make a similar one without the sweet potato, but any recipe like this is pretty easy, quick, and delicious. Plus, with the egg, turkey sausage, and spinach, it won’t leave you feeling terrible.

We’ve been making an egg casserole like this a lot on Sundays and meal prepping it for the week. It lets us have a bit more protein than normal cereal, plus makes even a Wednesday feel a little fancy.

Favorite Holiday Recipes for Potlucks and Parties // CEO in Progress

Garlic Parmesan Pretzels

Source: My Fearless Kitchen

Skip the chips and dip next party and bring a container of these pretzels. They’re also incredibly simple (see a trend here…) and they add a little bit of uniqueness to the snacks next to the bar. All you have to do basically is toss the pretzels in a mix of garlic, parmesan cheese, and butter, and it’s done!

What are your holiday go-to’s?!


Let me know what you think!