My Favorite Metro Detroit Hiking Trails

This time of year is my favorite time to hit the trails. Once the weather starts to not get crazy hot and people start to clear out, that’s the best time to explore. Plus once fall hits, the colors start to change, and when you’re done you can get cider and donuts. Win, win. Even though Metro Detroit is so populated, there are a lot of great parks in the area that offer beautiful views and a chance to get away from normal life.

Favorite Metro Detroit Hikes // CEO in Progress

Highland Recreation Area

This is by far my favorite. It holds the highest point in Oakland County, plus the land was originally donated by the Ford family, and you can still see the ruins of their hunting cabin on the highest point of the hill. This park is immense, and you can spend the afternoon walking through miles of different trails and feel like you’ve seen multiple different parks.

Island Lake Recreation Area

Another huge park, this one is a lot busier, but still a great way to spend an afternoon. There’s a lot that’s offered here, boat rentals, beaches, bike paths, but there’s also great trails to explore. This is where we went kayak camping a while back, and we’ve gone here a few times for a morning hike before breakfast (check out The Breakfast Club in Brighton if you’re in the area!).

Stoney Creek Metro Park

Because it’s a metro park you need to buy a day pass to get in, but this park has a lot to offer and a lot of different trails to check out. My favorite thing about this park is how it’s laid out too, the south side has all the activities: golfing, fishing, beaches and trollies, but the north is dedicated to trails, so it’s a lot quieter and less busy. Gives you a chance to truly get away from all the noise.

Proud Lake State Recreation Area

This is where we end up doing a lot of our kayaking actually, but they also have some beautiful trails that follow the river and frolic through the forest. They have a little bit of everything there, including a couple different kinds of campgrounds and 20 miles of hiking trails.

Favorite Metro Detroit Hikes // CEO in Progress

Where’s your favorite place to get away?!




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