Favorite Posts of 2017 // CEO in Progress

My Favorite Posts of 2017

Where has 2017 gone? Between all of the traveling, projects, and big events this year, time has flown by. Honestly, I wish I was a lot more consistent with blogging this year, but there’s so many unexpected twists this year that I’m okay with it. Over the course of 2017, there’s been some great events and thoughts I’ve been able to document, so I wanted to put my favorites in a little post here while sitting by the Christmas tree reflecting.

Favorite Posts of 2017 // CEO in Progress

Leland Anniversary Weekend Getaway

I’m amazed that it’s already been a year since we tied the knot. Our little weekend up in Leland was a perfect getaway to remember all of the beautiful moments that weekend and in the year following. Plus there was wine, so that’s always a bonus.

Favorite Posts of 2017 // CEO in Progress

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

After hundreds of posts later, there’s a lot I’ve learned along the way. I’m still not perfect and I’m still learning everyday, and I want to share some of these little nuggets of knowledge with you.

Favorite Posts of 2017 // CEO in Progress

US Road Trip Part 2: Idaho

Out of all of our adventures this year, Idaho was our most surprising. The views were stunning everywhere we went, this waterfall was just one of the surprises along the road. Plus, Idaho was before things went south in Wyoming.

Favorite Posts of 2017 // CEO in Progress

What’s Your Why?

This post is a nice little reminder every once in a while. Sometimes you just need to remember to find your north and follow it. I always end up caught up in things that don’t make me happy or things that put me off course. Especially at the end of the year, take a second to think about your overall strategy for your life and your direction.

This year was filled with a lot of firsts, big jumps, and great accomplishments. 2017 wasn’t a perfect year and I didn’t hit all my goals, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. Cheers to 2018 and all that it will become!

What are you most looking forward to for the next year?!

Let me know what you think!