My Favorite Thing To Do in A Rut // CEO in Progress

My Favorite Thing to Do When In A Rut

I feel a little like I’ve been in a rut. Not a big one, but just a little baby rut, kinda like a little pothole. I still get motivated and excited to do work, but there’s just that little voice in the back of my head that says, ‘what’s the point?’ and gets me all deflated. It happens every once in a while, and usually I just have to find something to help me get my spark back.

My favorite way to get that spark and climb out of that rut, get outside. It’s tough this time of the year, but it honestly changes everything. Even though it’s cold and crummy and you can almost feel the snow about to fall, we still get outside and get moving a bit. There’s some great parks near our house, going for a walk in the crisp, cold air is sometimes all I need to feel ready and motivated again.

My Favorite Thing To Do in A Rut // CEO in Progress


That’s what happened yesterday. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels. Doing things just to do them, or stopping halfway and getting distracted. So instead of letting myself fall into a vicious circle, we hit the trails, just for an hour or so. Snow had fallen, we were making fresh tracks and feeling the cold air on our face. It was a great refresh, and I felt like I was letting myself get back to where I needed to be.

Next time you’re feeling like your just wasting time, going in no direction, or feel like your struggling, just take some time to head outside. Get fresh air, go for a walk, a run, a ‘yak (kayak). Use the distraction of nature to bring you back to what you need. It’s hard to remember in the middle of winter, but it’s just as if not more important now compared to summer.

My Favorite Thing To Do When In A Rut // CEO in Progress


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