Spring Break

FBF: Spring Break in Savannah & Charleston

Now is the time of the year I get so jealous with people going on amazing vacations. I’m ready for some sun and a break that I look through my Instagram feed with some envy.

On my timeline the other popped up a picture of Matt and I having lunch in Savannah, and I was shocked that it had already been two years since we took that trip.

Flashback Friday: Charleston & Savannah Spring Break
I have no idea where that sweater went to but I miss it!

It was such an amazing adventure and I wish we could go back right now, so I’m just going to relive it here instead. 🙂


Charleston Spring Break
Battery Park, Charleston SC

Our first stop on spring break was in Charleston, South Carolina, and we instantly fell in love with the beach, the cobblestone roads, and the history that played such a role in the city. We stayed at Tides on Folly Beach and had a room that came full equipped with the sounds of the wave and a view of the beautiful pier & ocean.

The beach of our hotel at sunrise.
The beach of our hotel at sunrise.

The little beach town was picture-perfect, fun restaurants, excellent margaritas, beautiful beaches, and our hands down favorite breakfast place still, Black Magic Cafe. We loved our stay on the beach, and loved that it was just a quick drive in to downtown Charleston.

I would highly recommend staying at Folly Beach, if you want information on where to go and events, check out FollyBeach.com for lots of great info!

We only had a few days to explore, so we walked all day and hit up everything we wanted to see, we were exhausted by the time we got back to our hotel each night. We went to the Patriots Point, walked around as many parks as possible, checked out some breweries, went on our own mini house tour, and of course saw the famous dolphins in the Charleston Harbor.

We loved it in Charleston, but in only a few short days we headed a bit more south to Savannah.


Spring Break in Savannah
Savannah, GA

We spent the rest of our vacation in Savannah and being amazed at this beautiful city. The history is everywhere, the whole city was wonderfully designed, every building has a past, and everything seemed to be unique. We found amazing ice cream spots, took walks by the river front with the history cotton warehouses, and spent afternoons in some beautiful parks.


We also went to an old settlement and it was one of the most beautiful and serene places I had ever been to, Wormsloe. It was the colonial settlement of a Noble Jones who settled the land with Oglethorpe in 1733 and is one of the oldest structures in Savannah. It was definition southern natural beauty, and the place has actually been used in many films before!

Spring Break in Savannah
Entrance to the Wormsloe Historical Site. What a Site.


We also went to Angel Oak, which is supposedly the oldest tree in North America. It’s amazing that after all these years it’s been protected and cared for. It was just a random way that I found out about the tree, and I’m so grateful that we got to see it, I will never see anything like that again.

I miss this vacation so much! It was an amazing week filled with some of our favorite things, nature, history, beer, and beautiful weather. We had a great time adventuring and I’m looking forward to our next one which will hopefully be real soon.

What are your spring break plans?! Anywhere warm or exciting?



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