Fourth of July – Always time for a side hustle.

I love the Fourth of July, long weekends spent by the water, fireworks, getting together with friends and family, as much watermelon and ice cream as you can eat. Who wouldn’t love this great weekend break from the norm?!

But what if you could take this weekend and still enjoy it, but use it to fuel your passions? When most people check out from their work and their goals, take some this time to get ahead of the game. Here’s some ideas to help make the Fourth of July weekend one for the books and one for the bank by spending some time on your side hustle.

Fourth of July - Always Time for A Side Hustle

Talk it up.

This is such an easy one, but just talking to people about your passion and what you’re excited about – your business, side hustle, or whatever you’re trying to get going – will help you in so many ways. You can bounce ideas off people, answer questions you weren’t asking yourself, let people know what you’re interested in, and maybe help you solve some problems you’ve been facing by offering a new perspective.

The only thing I must caution about this, don’t be pushy, and you need to bring it up organically. If everyone is talking about the fireworks and you try to come in and switch topics to your online puppy watching website, people are not going to be interested (although they should because that’s a fantastic idea). If the opportunity arises to bring up your side hustle or business venture, do it. But don’t force people into a conversation they weren’t interested in, that never works.

Make Connections.

You never know where you are going to meet people that can change your life. It could be in a meeting, at a networking event, or the person next to you in line for a beer. Ya never know. Always try and make a good first impression on whoever you meet, and after you *get an opportunity to* talk about your business *and you do so successfully*, be sure to ask something like, “so if you know anyone who is interested in…” or “do you know someone who might be able to help me with that?” the possibility of there being some useful connection there is great.

Help Others.

People want to help those who help others, it’s easy to get so focused about what you will get out of a relationship or network that you forget it’s a two-way street. If someone else has an issue, no matter how related or not, and you can be of benefit, put some time into their situation and karma will get the next round. Showing that you can be of value to others makes people want to help you succeed, they know you’re trying to do good in the world, not just for yourself. Make sincere, real, and value-added connections whenever possible, even if it is just helping someone construct the perfect s’more, you never may know where it will lead.


Let me know what you think!