Frankenmuth Adventure

This weekend was such a whirlwind. I swear, my feet are still tired from all the walking, from Milford Memories Art Fair early Saturday to the Bridal Shower in the late afternoon on Sunday, I bet I walked over 10 miles. After the previous weekend was filled with cleaning and prepping for an open house, we wanted to do something fun for the day and take a break from house work, but we weren’t sure where. Then we thought of Frankenmuth.

Frankenmuth is a great little town just north of Flint that was founded by settlers from Bavaria in 1845, and has a unique history, amazing architecture, and lots of taffy and ice cream! Although only growing up an hour or so from here, and having everyone I know visit the little town and it’s big waterparks, both Matt and I had never, been, so we decided to pack the camera (and not much else cause it was a day trip) and head north for a change of scenery, literally.

We only had the afternoon, so we mainly spent our time walking down the main street, enjoying the beautiful flowers and excellent people watching. There are a lot of typical tourist-town staples: random t-shirt store, old-time candy shop, and at least 5 different ice cream shops. We loved the old wooden bridge and some of the historical fountains, but one of our favorite things we decided to do was take a river boat cruise down the river and get to see a bit more of Frankenmuth while also learning about the area. We hopped on the Bavarian Belle Riverboat and took an hour cruise, getting a different view of the city and also enjoying the beautiful nature in the area. I definitely recommend it if you have some time up there and would like to learn a little about the area. Plus, the captain was hysterical and it was a family owned business, which we loved.

Frankenmuth Brewing Company

Of course the highlight of the trip though – the beer. We were planing on getting a world famous chicken dinner, but the smell of the hops can call us from a mile away. We went to Frankenmuth Brewing Company, which has been around for over 100 years and is known as an established, experienced brewery that crafts great beer, and we realized that fast. I sampled 5 different beers, even though the picture looks like they are almost all the same, and I was impressed with everyone. I loved the Batch 69 IPA personally; it was exactly like what I thought an IPA should be. We had a wonderful night, minus the couple of rain drops, on the patio enjoying pizza, the river, and good brews.

We had such a wonderful time I almost didn’t want to come home! Sometimes all you need is a little escape to feel completely recharged and relaxed. It’s amazing how quickly I was able to switch into vacation mode, and I cannot wait until I can do that again soon.


Let me know what you think!