FriYAY Favorites // CEO in Progress

Fri-YAY Favorites: Margaritas, Puppies, and Vacations

IT’S FRIDAY! This week has felt like a string of Mondays all one after the other, so the fact that we made it to this glorious day is a wonder. This weekend is a chill one, enjoying the sun and relaxing around the house. I usually hate sitting still in the summer, but this year taking it easy has helped me embrace the little moments. Hopefully this weekend will include some kayaking, a bonfire or two, and catching up with friends, some of my favorite things in the whole world.

FriYAY Favorites // CEO in Progress

Before we get started on the weekend, here’s a few favorites I wanted to share,

Margarita Recipes Can you tell how long of a week it’s been?! There’s no better way to end a summer night than with a margarita on a patio, here’s some ideas to soak up all the summer you can. The cranberry margarita on this list sounds like a perfect option for tonight!

Small American Town Vacations Labor day weekend is coming so fast, if you still need some weekend getaway ideas, check out this amazing list of great small towns throughout the US. You know it’s a good list when Grand Haven, Michigan is one of the first one listed.

This Wild Idea I’ve followed them on Facebook for forever and it’s one of my absolutely favorite pages. Their dog is the cutest and most expressive pup ever, and their adventures and way of life is awe-inspiring. The picture above is from their page, block off about 20 minutes and get lost in the adorableness.

Jack Johnson New Music I don’t think there’s better music for relaxing on the deck than Jack Johnson, and he has new music out! His new song ‘Sunsets for Someone Else’ is live now to listen at Billboard Records’ website and is a good reminder that his new album comes out Sept. 8th. I’ve always loved his music, it’s simply happy and always puts me in a good mood. If I’m having a stressful day at work or cruising the country side, shuffling through his music is always a safe way to go.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


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