Getting Involved At Work // CEO in Progress

Getting out of the Bubble: Getting Involved At Work

It’s easy to get used to your normal routine at work. You do your own thing, work with the same people everyday, chat with the people you always chat with. Especially as an introvert, the bubble of your own work is a very comfy and cozy place to be in, but it rarely leaves you with a better experience and more opportunity.

Getting involved at work in things other than your job description can save you from getting in to zombie mode the second you walk in the door, here’s why.

Make Connections // It can be tough to meet people other than the ones you work with on a daily basis. If your jobs don’t interact, you may never get to work with or learn more about people who sit 10 feet from you everyday. Doing something a little extra give you a chance to see what others do, work with them on a different level, and grow your network.

Get Leadership Roles // Sometimes not even in an official sense, getting involved gives you the chance to show yourself as a leader, someone who’s responsible and does what they say they’ll do. Either by organizing happy hour or planning a volunteer day, getting involved shows another side of your skill set that might not be seen in your normal job.

Align Yourself with Company Strategy // Especially if it’s a company-sponsored group or activity, getting involved will help you be better connected to the organization. You will see what they value and what they think is important on a level different from your normal day-to-day job.

Show You’re Engaged // If you want to move up in the world, it helps to show that you’re engaged. By stepping out of your comfort zone and putting in a little extra effort, you can show that you’re engaged and interested in the work your doing and where you’re doing it.

Getting Involved At Work // CEO in Progress

Need some ideas as to how to get something started at your work? Here’s some options.

Volunteering // Plan a day to do a volunteer event, or organize a regular visit to help out somewhere near work.

Sports // Plan a beach volleyball, soccer, or basketball league. Or schedule nights to all head out to a park near work and play a pick up game. Or if you’re really feeling, set up a fantasy football league.

Games // Schedule a lunch to play cards and games, get competitive! There are groups at my work that play Euchre on lunch, have board game days, and just schedule time for a fun break during the day.

Happy Hour // Let’s be real, we could all use a drink! Find a regular spot to relax and have a drink after work, grab some specials and get to know each other away from the office.

Walks // Find some friends to head outside with at lunch and go for a walk regularly. Gives you a chance to catch up and get some fresh air at the same time.

Any suggestions for stuff we should do at our office? Leave a comment!

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