2017 Goals Revisited: How I'm Doing & My 5 Minute Review Process // CEO in Progress

2017 Goals Revisited: How I’m Doing & My 5 Minute Review Process

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but we are looking at the last little glimmer of 2017. It seems like just yesterday we were drinking champagne and planning out what we thought the year would be like. As much as we goal set, sometimes you just cannot plan for everything.

Plans, dreams, situations change, and the most important thing is to stay flexible and understand your why. If you’re flexible enough, you can pivot and put your energies towards the next step. If you know why you want to accomplish something, the actions won’t matter as much as the end result, and changing to something different is easy.

For me, a lot things changed throughout the year, things got busier than anticipated, and work became more hectic as there was a constant transition period for about 5 months (and counting). However through all of that, my overall goal and my why has stays the same, create a life with more freedom, creativity, and a long-term business.

2017 Goals Revisited: How I'm Doing & My 5 Minute Review Process // CEO in Progress

My Goal Recap

Read 50 Books

This goal is definitely one that’s not going as planned. I just finished How to Win Friends & Influence People (recap and review coming soon). But even with that one on the list, I’m only at 13. This is one goal that is going to be revived, I absolutely love reading and miss that dedicated time spent with a good book. My plan for the rest of the year is to work out at the gym and read while I walk on the treadmill. Those 30 minutes of uninterrupted, no excuse reading time will help me get (somewhat) back on track plus give me a good break from work.

Result so far // C

Action going forward //  Read at lunch at the gym and read consistently at night.

Visit 3 New Places

Our travel goal is the same every year. I try not to set goals on myself that are too crazy considering PTO constraints, but I love visiting places I’ve never been too, so it’s still always a priority. This year we won’t have a problem beating that. The beginning of the year was a little slow travel wise. We were able to hit Boston in June and will soon be visiting Arizona, and Colorado, which will easily be three. Plus with a week off a Christmas, who knows where we might end up!

Result so Far // A

Action Going Forward // Keep searching for cheap places to go at Christmas Break! Any ideas let me know if the comments!

Start My Own Etsy Shop

We had been toying around with the idea for a long time, but I pledged to myself this year that we would start our vintage Etsy shop. I’m so thankful I took the plunge and got started. Right now we’re done 34 sales and I really see a direction for the shop. My goal right now is to keep going and stay consistent with posts and listings. Long term I would love to build it in to a brick and mortar shop with some of our own pieces in the mix.

Result so far // B

Action Going Forward //  Plan further ahead, set time in my schedule to post new items and create marketing posts.

Post Consistent Content

If you’re a consistent reader, you’ve probably noticed that I struggle on and off with this goal throughout the year. There’s a month where I’m doing good and the next when I’m struggling. I’m working on setting up easy-to-follow systems so I don’t get too overwhelmed, but I still keep working on pushing out great and consistent content. If you’re a blogger and struggle with this too, I’d love to hear how you deal with this!

Result So Far // C

Action Going Forward // Get better at prepping ahead of time and taking pictures for posts.

It’s amazing this year is coming to an end so soon. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year, but looking back on this wild and unpredictable year I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished and our direction ahead.

2017 Goals Revisited: How I'm Doing & My 5 Minute Review Process // CEO in Progress

My Review Process

I would highly recommend looking back and reviewing some of the goals you had set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Here’s a quick 5 minute review that will only take a small amount of time but will leave you feeling ready to go and motivated.

Write each goal of yours at the top of the page.

In the first section, be honest with yourself and write what you’ve done to work towards it. If it’s nothing, that’s okay, but don’t lie to yourself.

Write what you still want to accomplish in regards to that goal for the rest of the year. Your goal may have been altered or changed entirely, so write down the direction you want to go moving forward.

Based on what you know you’ve done and where you want to go, what are actionable things things that you can do to make this new mile marker? Use the lesson you’ve learned so far to set a plan that will work for you.

Post your revised goals somewhere you’ll see them everyday. On your mirror, your closet door, the background of your phone.

This is one of the blog posts that I truly needed and was helpful for me to write. I’m so much more motivated after looking through this list, it’s really helped me remember what goals I had and why I set them.

What are some goals you’re reviving this fall? Anything already accomplished?!

2017 Goals Revisited: How I'm Doing & My 5 Minute Review Process // CEO in Progress

Let me know what you think!