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4 Tools Helping Me Keep My Goals for 2018

It’s easy to set goals for yourself. But without the right action plan and tools, it can be impossible to actually stick with them. Last year, I had a great action plan to help me get it done, but it was a little overwhelming, this year, I’m focusing on some tools to help keep me in line and on track.

If you’re in the process still of figuring out your goals for the year I would definitely suggest checking out this post I wrote last year about it. It really goes in to depth about how I plan goals and use mind-maps to breakdown what I want to accomplish.

I already shared a few of my 2018 goals for the year, and they mainly have to do with simplifying and strengthening every aspect of my life. So here are a few things that I’ve got recently that will hopefully help keep me on track with them.

Tools to Help Me Hit My Goals

Water Bottle Infuser

One of my goals for the new year is to drink more water. You’re supposed to have half your body weight in ounces every day, and I know I definitely don’t hit regularly. This water jug is great because you can infuse fruit easily without getting chunks of it in your glass. I got a similar one for Christmas and I already love it.

New Workout Clothes

New workout clothes is great motivation for me to hit the gym a bit more often than I have been. My goal is to go three times a week, and with some new workout finds it will be even easier. Target right now has all of their workout clothes on sale, and I got great new leggings from Old Navy for 50% off the other day.

Five Minute Journal

Another goal of mine is to get back in to the morning miracle routine. I was really good about it for most of last year, but towards the end I struggled to get up even to make it to work on time. The whole morning miracle routine is basically about getting up an hour earlier to focus on self-growth, with 10 minutes of exercise, reading, meditation, journaling, self affirmations, and visualization. It sounds crazy, but it really was a big win for me in the morning and helped me feel more productive all day long. With the five minute journal, it should help with the scribing part of each morning and get me excited to get started.

Meal Prep Planner

I already do a bit of meal planning weekly, but I want to ramp it up this year and get even healthier in our choices. I got a great meal prep planner for christmas that has a rip-off grocery list next to it. Hopefully it will help me stay on track this year and plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner a little bit better. I also will get hitting up some of our favorite cookbooks for recipes, I love Healthy in a Hurry and our Quick Keto cook book if you have any favorite healthy recipes hit me up in the comments below!

What’s going to be your hardest goal to stick to this year?!


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