Grand Valley Bucket List

I can’t believe it’s already move-in day! Seeing all the posts from my alma mater about people moving in makes me remember my first day in the dorms at Grand Valley. I swear I will never forget the shear terror, excitement, anxiety and freedom I felt once my parents had me all unpacked and left me in my little 8’x8′ room.

My senior year of college we decided to make a plan. We wanted to do so many things in our last year at Grand Valley, so up went the chalkboard paint and down went our ideas for our bucket list. We wrote a bucket list of all the crazy, weird, random, cheesy things we wanted to do. No ideas were shot down and nothing was off the table, even making s’mores on the stove (even though that was a bit of a fail).
College Bucket List // CEO in Progress
 I wanted to do the same thing for all of those headed back to Grand Valley, a list of must do’s that should be on your calendar for the year. Things that may seem insignificant or may seem out of reach, but things that will be memorable and iconic. I feel like you can’t truly call yourself a Laker until you accomplish each and every one of these.

Grand Valley State Bucket List // CEO in Progress
Take a picture with Louie
Eat at Kleiner
Selfie with T.Haas
Tour Art Prize
Grand Valley State Bucket List //CEO in Progress
Cheer on the football team
Participate or watch lipsync
Go to the Farmer’s Market
Join an intermural or club sport team
Grand Valley State Bucket List // CEO in Progress
Watch the sunrise from the library
Eat a Lakerbowl
Wander through the Ravines
Spend an afternoon studying in the arboretumGrand Valley State Bucket List // CEO in Progress
Visit the Reading Room in the Honors Building
Study in the Seidman House
Ride the 50
Drive out to Grand Haven and watch the sunset
Grand Valley State Bucket List // CEO in Progress

Let me know what you think!