Great Holiday Reads // CEO in Progress

Great Holiday Reads

The holidays is the perfect time to come back to old favorite books or set aside the time to cross one off a new best seller from your must-read list. Although we finally get a break from the crazy schedules in December, it honestly just keeps going considering all of the planning, parties, and prepping that needs to be done, but I still like to spend some time by the tree with a cup of coffee and a favorite book. If you need some advice on how to squeeze some more reading time in to your week, check out this post about reading even when busy.

There are a ton of books on my reading list right now, I usually save them on my amazon wish list with every recommendation. If you have any suggestions please let me know so I can read it too! I also try to keep up with everything I’ve read on my Goodreads account in case you need any other recommendations. I seriously have the worst memory, so this helps keep me organized with what I’ve read and what I want to read.

Great Holiday Reads // CEO in Progress


When Breath Becomes Air // I’ve heard this is beautifully written, it’s on my list for this month and would be perfect for a cup of tea and some Christmas Lights.

Paris For One // JoJo Moyes is a great artist of romance novels, and her new book would be an excellent one to pick up for the month.

A Christmas Carol // One of my favorites, a good quick read to give you a reminder of what’s important in the holiday season.  

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them // I’ve seen the movie already, but I’m really looking forward to reading the screenplay and catch some of the things that I’m sure I missed.

You Are A Badass // If you’re looking for a good pick-me-up, this would be a good one! I’ve had this book recommended for me and it’s on my to read list for this month or the beginning of next year.

The Magnolia Story // I’m so excited for this one, I just bought it and I can’t wait to learn more about one of my favorite little families.

What’s on your reading list right now?


Let me know what you think!