Monday Motivation: Routines & Habits // CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Creating Habits & Routines

It’s been a long time since I posted a Monday motivation post. I love taking time on Mondays to think about what my goals are for the week as I’m planning out our schedule and how I’m going to achieve them. I used to always think it was motivation that was the key, but after a lot of Pinterest quotes and little bursts of energy, I realize it’s not motivation that creates success. It’s habits and routines and having the discipline to stick to them.

Without a routine or a plan, you become lost and with no direction. You can work super hard one day on something, then never pick it up again. I’m sure this has happened to you (well it happens to me all the time at least), but have you ever decided to get back in to working out because something motivated you? You go to the gym that day and work your butt off, then get really sore and don’t go back for another month. How well did that motivation work? Sure, it got you started, but it wasn’t enough to get you going.

Monday Motivation: Routines & Habits // CEO in Progress


Instead, use that motivation to create habits & routines to get you to achieve your goals. Feeling motivated to work out? Good, use it to schedule gym time 3 times a week or to find a buddy who will walk with you at lunch everyday. Don’t burn out like a start, but use that boost of energy to create a direction and plan for yourself.

Right now, I’m definitely struggling with this. My morning routine is one where I can see the glimmering affects of motivation really strong on Monday and fade by the weekend. I’ll start out the week getting up early enough to read or write, but Saturday morning I’m struggling to get out of bed. It takes a lot of motivation to create a routine, but it’s the only way to see actual results over a long period of time.

If you need help creating routines, here’s how I’m working on getting better; it’s definitely not easy to do, but if you can power through you will definitely see the results you’re looking for.

Put it on the schedule // Put it on your schedule ahead of time. On Sundays I’m getting better about writing on the calendar what each morning/evening will look like so we know ahead of time.

Write it Down // On top of putting it on your calendar. Right down your routine and why and place it somewhere you’ll see it when you’re most likely going to cave and not follow through. If it’s next to your snooze button or near the junk food, that little reminder will help you realize the small choices matter.

Daily Checklists // If your goal requires daily action, create a checklist to make cross off as you go through the day and don’t allow yourself to go to sleep without clearing it. I love using Wunderlist, but Todoist is really great for reoccuring lists and organizing tasks.

How do you stick to your routines?

Let me know what you think!