Friday Favorites: Halo Top, Kayaking, and the Packard Plant

WE MADE IT. This week has dragged on at work, but I’m so excited for a long relaxing weekend at home. Lately things have been going 100 miles an hour with work and personal projects. I love staying busy, but I could definitely also use a relaxing weekend.

We’ve been on the go so much this summer and it’s not slowing down at all this fall, so I crave weekends where we can enjoy what we love doing. Our last relaxing weekend we went and explored Northville, checkout out the Northville Winery and Brewing Company. They had an amazing front lawn with a band and picturesque string lights hung through the trees. So far plans for this one include garage sales, brunch, and maybe even some kayaking.

Friday Favorites: Weekend Round Up // CEO in Progress

Halo Top New Flavors // We tried Halo Top for the first time this week and I’m already converted. It’s yummy ice cream that has low sugar and fat and high protein and it’s a game changer. My only disappointment is I didn’t try it earlier this summer, well that and the price. They just recently released some amazing new flavors, cinnamon roll will be on my grocery list this weekend! If you’ve tried it and have a favorite share in the comments!

Glacial Kayaking // This is not the kind of kayaking we will be doing this weekend, but this video was too dreamy not to include. I can’t imagine that this kind of tourism is great for the environment, but this video is seriously stunning, and I don’t think many people will be doing this any time soon. It kinda makes our kayaking trip look easy, at least we didn’t have to take a helicopter to get there!

Tour the Packard Plant // Detroiters know what a gem this place is, but it’s never been legal to tour and see and always pretty dangerous due to the age. The owner is teaming up with Pure Detroit to offer walking tours starting this week of the plant. I would definitely sign up for this one, but there are also a lot of other amazing tours of local landmarks on my list, like the Fischer building and Belle Isle Aquarium.

Hopefully your weekend is filled with outdoor adventures, exploration, and a little something sweet too, happy Fri-YAY!


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