Healthy Work Habits

My first six months at work, I did the same thing everyone else did, I sat and worked all day, rarely getting up. I drank lots of caffeine, very little water, and my total step count when I left work was around 300. Not a really good everyday routine if you want to stay healthy.

I started to add some healthy habits in to my daily routine in the summer, but since the new year I’ve been trying to kick it up a notch even more. During the summer, I would take half of my lunches and go for a walk, usually getting 2 miles in to the day along with some much needed fresh air. Unfortunately, now that it’s winter, that’s not really possible, but there are some other little things that I’ve been doing to keep my healthy(ish) lifestyle going that I want to share with you!


Drink More Water. If you are hydrated (most people are not), the recommended amount of water is half of your body weight in ounces. If you drink caffeine, have something salty, drink a pop, then that amount needs to go up even further. I mentioned this before in one of my posts on morning routines, but I usually start out the day with a large glass of water to get going, and set myself goals to get to by lunch and by the end of the day. I leave a sticky note on my desktop of the number of glasses I’ve drank so I can keep track as I go, but I usually shoot for a 10 oz. glass every hour.

Get in Those Stairs. At my internship, I worked on the third floor, so there was never an issue of getting in some extra stairs during the day. But now that I’m on the first floor, I miss that little moment of exercise. Every hour I usually get up and quickly run the three flights of stairs. It helps get my heart rate up, meet my exercise goal for the day, and it allows me to free my head for a moment when I’m stuck on something difficult. I’ve been able to get in about 21 flights of stairs in a day, which is a pretty good feeling for a minute break.

Sidenote: I usually break every hour to quickly run the stairs, get more water, and go to the bathroom. Getting this all done right away gives me a moment away from staring at a screen and allows me to clear my head and focus once I get back to my desk.

Sneaky Workouts. There are so many ways that you can sneak a little workout in, calf raises while you’re washing your hands or waiting for the microwave, leg circles while you’re waiting for something to load, even simply tightening your abs can make the world of difference! Set your mind to focus on one little exercise a day and try and stick to it to get a little extra out of your office time.

Find a Buddy. Sometimes even just telling someone else about what you are doing or your new healthy habits will help you stick to them. If they do it with you then it’s even better. For example, at lunch one day we decided to all do little exercises at our desk on the hour. Instead of those exercises, I prefer to run the stairs, but there’s a group of four or so that all squat or pushup or do something together everyday. It can help keep you motivated and involved.

Set a Reminder. I’m all about reminders, basically because I have no memory! I have the post-it note mentioned earlier with my water count for the day, and that reminds me to drink, but it also keeps track of the number of stairs I’ve run. I also have a stick note on the side of my computer that just says “posture.” My posture is a nightmare, but every time I see this little reminder I try and straighten up and not slouch so much.

Put it in your Routine. The sad thing is, I feel like so many people are ready to go about New Years Resolutions or getting in shape that they overdo it. If you try too much, it will be hard for your body and your routine to adjust, and you will most likely give up before February. However, if you find a program that fits in to your regular routine, then it will be an easy transition between your old life and your new healthy one! Find something that works for you that will stick. Consistency is key!


Let me know what you think!