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Helpful Tools for College Students

I had a pretty awesome post last week about organizing your calendar, but I wanted to expand that just a bit to include some other extremely helpful places that you need to bookmark now in order to save yourself some time/headache/frustration later on in the semester. Some of these were just complete lifesavers that helped me get through exams, helped me organize what needed to be done, or just helped keep me focused and going. I give all of these with the highest recommendation and you should look into using them yourself!

Best Sites for College Students // CEO in Progress I used Study Blue for almost every class. They have great online flashcards, you can share cards between people in the same class with the same teacher, and it’s a great way to quiz yourself. They have a great app too, I used to spend my bus rides to the downtown campus quizzing myself for the exam I was about to take.


Best Sites for College Students // CEO in Progress

Evernote is a tool I still use today because of how convenient and organized you can make all of your notes, ideas, pictures, lists. I have a different notebook for things like work, home, blog, wedding, travel. I’m what you’d call “scatterbrained” so this helps me keep everything where it needs to be even when I can’t do it myself.


Best Sites for College Students // CEO in Progress


F.lux is something that I wish I had in college but I’m just discovering it now (or it just came out now… either way!). It’s an app for Mac (also available for Windows) that slowly tints your computer screen color once it gets later at night and helps avoid eye strain. This can be extremely life saving when you’ve been staring at the computer all day and try to go to sleep. When you feel like you have to close your eyes with your hands they hurt? Been there, hate that. GET THIS APP!


Best Sites for College Students // CEO in ProgressThis one seems a little random, but Genius Scan saved my butt too many times not to include in this list. It’s a scanning app, and it can take something in real life and scan it as a pdf, save it to your dropbox, email it to the world, anything. This is soooo helpful when you need to sign a form and send it in somewhere, if you need to send in homework that you’ve done in person but need to email to a teacher, or if you just want a digital copy of your notes without typing it all out. It’s a really handy app that I still keep on my phone for random things, it’s pretty impressive to pull out when you’re in a bind (you look really prepared!).


Best Sites for College Students // CEO in ProgressDo you have Dropbox? You don’t?? Okay, stop reading, click this link and sign up. I’ll wait here. Are you back? Did you do it? Okay great, we can continue. This is a tool that everyone in college needs for (at least) three reasons. 1. Everything is backed up to the cloud. You know what that means? When you’re computer magically dies at 2 am while you’re working on your paper, you can just grab another computer and keep going instead of having a mental breakdown. 2. You can access your files anywhere, so you can use your phone to double check notes, pull up pictures, or check to make sure you finished something. 3. You can share files easily between people. No more version 19 because you keep emailing it between the two of you.


Here’s just a couple of my favorite tools! Do you have any? Let me know in the comments below!

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